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When a man loves a woman it’s crucial when a woman loves a man it’s sweet. The more we define love based on or around our precepts the more we enlist domestic abuse as one that is being swept away by society. What happened to the sweet healthy United form of love? Society today makes love seem impossible and least important. 

close up photo of woman with black and purple eye shadow
Photo by Engin Akyurt on

Domestic abuse has become the product of society and is being worn as a badge of honor. It is a badge of horror that one shouldn’t wish on their worst enemy. All too well this topic has negatively become a token of appreciation. We see it in the music, on television, and even in the school system. Society has normalized being broken as a means to create more victims for the agenda propagated long before my mother’s existence.

I can recall a time when we were in elementary and a boy hit us or we hit boys and an older person, i.e. a teacher, or principal, suggested that one likes the other, implying that it is okay to hit the person you like or maybe you’re in love with that person because you hit them. I have seen tons of abusive relationships built on those fallacies alone, and they always end in tragedy. 

When I was in middle school my first love stole a comb from me and I believed that if he violated me he liked me, well turns out he and I shared a daughter by the time I was 21 I had a broken jaw, and had to call the police so much that I became a problem to authorities or what they would like to call me a nuisance. Once we get trapped in the web of violence it’s very hard to escape and some of us are glad we escaped with our lives because many do not. Rest in paradise to all the women and men whose lives were stolen because of a cowardly attack or fear of being alone.

This month is domestic violence awareness month let’s make it known that abuse is never okay, and hitting the opposite sex, or anyone for that matter as an expression of love or gratitude is never okay. Society can we please normalize healthy relationships so that we can normalize healthier decision-making for our youth? Society can you stop normalizing and benefiting from other people’s pain and sympathize with those victims to create better imagery and choices for our youth? 

We have become uncensored in our ways of expression. Can we try to protect them from what we weren’t protected from? I recall a time when I saw my mother bleeding because she took a knife and tried to lunge at her abuser and she cut herself. Those images will never leave my mind. I remember the knife and the hospital and her being loaded onto the ambulance. Domestically we are destroying the minds of the youth, and our future, one domestic violent situation at a time.

To the victims of domestic violence, we are warriors, we are stronger than we believe, and remember we are nobody’s victims we are the pillars of survivors. Let’s pray, let’s stay brave, and let us achieve love in healthy ways.

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