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Frankie Lymon: Was it Murder? Pt. 2

In the previous article I highlighted reasons why Frankie Lymon may have been murdered and who may have been involved. Here in pt. 2 we’ll dive deeper and take a closer look at what could be one of the biggest cover ups ever. Here’s pt. 1 just incase you missed it. https://www.google.com/amp/s/tremg.info/2020/12/03/frankie-lymon-was-it-murder/amp/ First let’s look…

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Uncle Charlie & Mr. Robinson

On Oct 23, 2020 Charlie Wilson (former member of The Gap Band) and Smokey Robinson (former member of The Miracles) released a single entitled “All of My Love” The duo reminded everyone why there’s no party like an old school party! It’s smooth soul at it’s finest, Charlie and Smokey have never been known to…

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