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I Did It Again

I did it again. One of the things I can’t seem to forgive myself for is how easy it is for men to fall romantically out of love for me. I use to believe that I was easy to love, harder to leave. But I was lied to. The truth is harder to hear. I…

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First Heartbreak 2018

It’s a cruel scene, a tragedy to feel such a way, for a woman to experience a ruing pain. I’ve never felt so broken and betrayed, never sobbed so recklessly that my lungs could barely breathe. They asked about love and the meaning of it, and I truly believed I had it, that I was…

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The Clock of God

A beginner’s guide to the three basic areas of astrology. Learning astrology can be daunting. There are a lot of numbers, jargon, abbreviations, and various areas of application and study that can make it all very confusing. I will attempt to give you a crash course in “the clock of god.” If I am successful,…

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