She’s a native from Sacramento California, in 2016 she became the first Black president of Abc Entertainment Group, the tv division of the Disney conglomerate, and yesterday she along with her network colleagues canceled Roseanne.  She is also my new freaking hero.  Forget Wakanda.  The mothership has been here and is quickly rising to the surface for everyone to notice.

I could only imagine how she even got herself where she did but it clearly wasn’t an easy task.  Being the first at anything means you are now a gatekeeper.  The pressure could not be more on for anyone in her position but being Black – she really walks a lonely line.  In the entertainment world its a huge deal having powers in what may be.  She has all the power and then some.  Her simple statement in the network’s decision to cancel the show was the greatest but if you speak and understand in Black get the fuck outta here with your apologies because we over this Trumpland lingo then you can hear the Whitney aha ha laugh coming right off the words.  Dungey in a statement said, “Roseanne’s Twitter statement is abhorrent, repugnant and inconsistent with our values, and we have decided to cancel her show.”  Barr went on a Twitter rant very much like the current culture of right-winged Americans with a platform and a base of their own.  The show, Roseanne, portrays a middle class white American family with Barr as the matriarch.  She found her tail on Twitter talking shit towards Chelsea Clinton and then poor Valerie Jarret whose also a boss in her own right.  This has a lot of us from the Twitter-verse cringing as we always do when celebs take to the social app to highlight their mental instability.

Why is Twitter such an easy go-to for people like Roseanne and Donald Trump? Because it’s sort of the same as shouting into the void with the hopes of catching some ears.  I honestly don’t think she cares about the show, its cast and crew, the role she plays in modern culture, or ABC and its affiliates.  She probably wanted to be fired and as the current trend in America is- don’t go down by yourself when you can take as many people with you.  It’s just another disgusting revelation of how someone’s fame and fortunes are protected by silence.  Should we not support people because of their personal views? Yes.  Why is this a new rule? 2016 Presidential Campaign and Election, #MeToo Movement, and time are up.  Transparency is the key and everyone will eventually bow to their fans.

I saw this trend start to surge powerfully yet underreported during Black Friday shopping in 2014.  The country had just seen Darren Wilson walk free for the murder of teen Michael Brown in St. Louis and the majority of shoppers were #BoycottingBlackFriday.  That year there was a major drop in sales reported for the opening weekend for holiday shopping by about 11% from the previous sales year.  That was due to the boycotting.  Brands like Walmart and Home Depot reported that it was due to cyber Monday sales becoming more of the drive than actually in-store sales.  We don’t believe you, you need more people.  They will never let us know what is happening until it is already happening.  This is why I watch trends.  There is power in hashtags.  We saw the same exact behaviors a few months ago after the Parkland school shooting.  Students were attacked via Twitter by Laura Ingraham and minutes later she began losing all of her advertisers.  She hosts to The Ingraham Angle on Fox News.

I sort of wish that they could force them to say what they actually meant so we can begin a conversation but when someone gets painted as a ‘racist’ then the book is shut.  I think personal opinions should never interfere with what your job is but when you have major influence, it does make a difference.  Twitter remains in the headlines and I’m pretty happy about that.

My handle is @TAsterisk….. see you there.

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