by Pamela Goldman

The infection named by The World Health Organization

is called, COIVD-19. First starting in the town of Wuhan,

China, this respiratory infection has become a world-wide

pandemic reaching over 100 countries.

Italy now has surpassed the deaths of China which was

3,250. Italy is now at 3,405 deaths. However, Italy said

99% of those who died had other medical problems. The

Prime Minister of Italy has put a stop on the economy and

all travel.

It has only been 81 days since the first case appeared

in China. Since then, there have been a total of

10,272 cases in the United States with 151 deaths. Over

4,000 cases have been found in NY alone.

President Trump and Canadian Prime Minister Justin

Trudeau have agreed to close all borders. Public schools

in NYC have close as well as Universities across the


The first human vaccine trials have occurred in Seattle,

Washington state. Vice President Pence said that

1.9 million tests will become available with over

2,000 labs available for testing,

The pandemic has taken 9,000 lives worldwide.

We can only hope and take many precautions.

Facial masks, plastic gloves, staying 6 feet away

from everyone, absolutely no gatherings in public.

Stay inside as much as possible, leaving only

when it’s necessary…the list goes on….

We can only hope they find a vaccine sooner rather

than later. God Bless us all on this planet.

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