Photographer Rocks the Music Scene

by Pamela Goldman

Howard MacDonald Jr Photography LLC

Howard MacDonald Jr. rocks out as a photographer of the contemporary music scene. His work captures the throbbing music, colors and light of the performing artist. He gets so close to the musicians, it’s as if he is practically on stage collaborating with the moment of exceptional sound, vibration, skill and beauty of today’s musical artists.

Howard studied under the finest photographers of our day at The International Center of Photography in New York City. He learned supreme technical skills which have brought him to the forefront of his field. Howard also does portraits for high-end clients. These head shots are second to none. He gets so deep that the beauty of his clients’ souls shine through. He is an expert at drawing out the best and the brightest with his renderings.

In music, he can capture large sets with all the embellishments of the scene as well as the emotional intensity of the musicians as they perform. Because of this, the viewer can actually enter into his creations. If you, the client, have a certain musician or gig in mind, just give Howard the name and date of an upcoming performance and he will take that task and turn it into a magical feast for the eyes. His results will give you many choices of photos from which to choose. All prices are negotiable. Before the project, he will interview you to find out what exactly you desire in a shot and exceed all expectations. He travels often to New York as well as worldwide venues.

Contact him with your wishes at

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