Reported today by the New York Times.

Many people were enraged. Most of them working as producers and journalist at prominent new organizations.

Other users chimed in with their own frustrations, Trump is not having a good campaign season this time around at all. In fairness, we do not miss watching the behavior at his rallies.

The conversation about censorship and the way the press is managed. Just last week however we applied for a fund through Humanity Forward which is owned by Andrew Yang, that was funded by Jack.

Jack Dorsey donated $5 million to Andrew Yang’s UBI-focused nonprofit, Humanity Forward, which is giving direct cash payments to Americans impacted by COVID-19. He announced the donation on Yang’s podcast, and I have to say, it was a very wholesome convo.” – twitter user.

Interesting. What do you think Jack’s response to this latest backlash will be? Are social media CEOs more powerful than they think?

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