Over the years, iPhone and Andriod have tugged into a race in technological advancements. Most times, users have argued which is better which than the other although this doesn’t mean both ain’t great. iOS Twitter’s newest Voice note(VN) feature has reignited this clash between iOS and Android users. Is this new feature really outstanding? Does it truly have what it is to spark a war on social media? Let’s peek into what makes this new Twitter VN feature incredible.

The latest VN feature on Twitter allows users (individually) to record up to 2 minutes and 20 seconds. Users don’t need to worry if they want to record a VN more longer as VN will be spiltted up into threads of VNs – up to 25.

Audio can only be added to the original tweet. Many Users will love to try the VN feature in several ways. But, This feature is limited. At least for now. It can’t be added to retweets or replies.

VN can be listened to by torching the play button. A dock icon will appear at the bottom of the app on iOS that will enable users to listen to voice notes and also simultaneously scroll through timeline. Voice notes can also be played in the background when users switch to other apps.
iOS has been known to always be on the lead to other brands. Some might call it just a hype surrounding Apple products as this new twitter feature is only available for iPhone Users leaving android users out. Though, the VN feature will surely come up in Andriod soon.

So, Andriod users should wait for it!

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