It started with a inquiry on a bag of dice in a small crown royal bag. Apparently all the cool Dungeons and Dragons ( D&D) gamers carry their dice in those assorted color velour bags with the yellow strings. It sounds very complex nowadays. It is all done virtually at present, due to COVID, and people’s schedules but it is a variant of the same game. This role playing has a Manifesto, and its players have a real investment in what goes on with their characters. The Dungeon Master (DM) or Game Master (GM) is the one who directs the play of this dragonian and mystical adventure and the players choose and roll their fate. This DM needs to know the rules,the story , the why , when , where, how, a real reporter of adventure. This seems like a good preparation for a management position in the future.

Have heard that this is not the coolest thing to do ? Lots of celebrities play this game. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Vin Diesel, Mike Myers, Vince Vaughn, and the master Joe Manganiello, who organized several D& D events for celebrities that cannot live without gaming.

Here is how it works; the players choose a character and find out its abilities , skill scores, and feats and traits. They will use these skills as they navigate through the adventure, with Hit Points (HP). earned . How does one win? Well, it could go on for quite some time, it depends on your DM. He/she could kill you off, or make you rich beyond your wildest dreams, so it is best to stay on your DM’s good side.

You can ask a teen who pays D&D a math equation and maybe they will look at you blankly, but ask about a game they are really interested in and they suddenly become the most detail oriented person you have ever met. I mean they can talk about it for hours. A couple of things they are obsessed with, one is dice. They love these dice, they are colorful , they have all shapes and sizes, it is a benefit to have cool dice. Next is it is amazing how when you look in little Johnny’s locker at school how messy is it, with papers flying out crinkled up, and books dropping off like they just jumped out of a plane, untouched, yet their D&D book and points scores sheets and adventure logs look like they just stepped out of Harvard business school.

An example of how interesting things can get is a story of Deedee. Deedee and his crew were on the way to confront at a demon cultist group, he found a cultist , put silly string on them and did it so thoroughly that they expired. Then they got sent into another dimension. You just can’t buy this kind of fun. Now, of note it can get violent or brutal at times, depending on who is running things, this is not a children’s game, but life is not always flowers and butterflies. You have to know how to navigate through some hard choices, sometimes we have to choose the best of two evils. Just look at the last couple of elections.

The great thing is that it makes them happy. It uses their imagination and adventure. It using problem solving skills, and decision making, organizational skills and social skills. Seeing how much fun they have makes it that much more great to see it in action.

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