No More Dixie Chicks. Just Chicks.

A statement from their official website reads, “We want to meet this moment,” along with the signatures of all three members. In light of the recent publicity around the Worldwide Black Lives Matter protests, the term Dixie, which alludes to the antebellum South, has come under increased scrutiny. So Gaslighter, the band’s new Jack Antonoff-produced album, will be coming out under a different name. Fa

Though a lot of other bands and orgs have followed suit, like Lady Antebellum, who changed their name to Lady A, as well as food brands like Aunt Jemima agreeing to changing it’s packaging, many promoters of the movement have called it out for being minimal and a white savior kind of move. It does not really do anything to help, but it sure is helping to mark the history books across the spectrum. In Europe, statues are being torn day that represent the constructs that allows for racism practices today.

We went to Twitter to see what folks had to say:

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