TMZ— If you’re wondering why #BlackoutDay2020 is trending, allow us to fill you in … and then point you in the right direction to partake.

YouTuber Calvin Martyr is credited with launching the unofficial retail holiday, which is in full swing right now — namely, Blackout Day. It’s all about supporting Black-owned businesses, exclusively, today all across the country … to show solidarity with the Black community.

This is an idea that’s been discussed a lot recently, with some notable people — like Killer Mike, for example — encouraging folks in the African-American community to get on board.

Basically, the philosophy is this … the best way to affect real change, while also lifting up Black people at the same time, is to use the power of the dollar and spend it strategically. As they say, money talks in this country, right? Blackout Day 2020 is the mobilization of that principle.

Now, if you’re unfamiliar with what Black-owned businesses are out there and wondering where to start — we got you. As it turns out, there’s plenty from which to choose.

We’ll start with national brands and then hone in for more niche markets and products. To start off, we’ll highlight AJ Crimson Beauty and Black Girl Sunscreen.

Both companies sell products with darker-skinned customers in mind, but that doesn’t mean their stuff is just for Black people either. So, with that in mind, you can browse their wide selection of goods online, or you can pop into a store that carries their line in person.

Let’s get to the grub — because there are TONS of Black-owned food brands you can support too. For canned goods, health food and other fundamentals … you can hit up Glory Foods, A Dozen Cousins, Iya Foods, EXAU Olive Oil, Neilly’s, or Yolele Foodsto fill your needs. When it comes to clothes, Milano Di Rouge features some unique styles.

For snacks, look no further than PipcornSymphony ChipsSol Cacao or Oh-Mazing Granola. If you’re a coffee drinker — Blk & Bold or Red Bay Coffee will wake you right up.

Of course, the marketplace is vast — and Black business owners have their foot in tech, finance, hair care and beyond. If you look, we’re sure you’ll find what you need.

You can support black owned businesses in your local community. They can easily be found on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and more!

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