We are going through a very strange and unusual time in our lives. Some say, this is just as in times of war. Everyone needs to stay inside, no social contact, no gigs or parties to attend.

Yes, we can still see and speak to each other, but it’s not like it used to be. That all causes we are getting more frustrated than ever before I guess. Just saying, you and your partner are forced to live 24/7 in the same place. True, you have chosen to live together and start a family, but never before you had the chance to spend so many time together that, even in the best relationships, words can be more sharp than before.

Also bands are going through this, same as everyone else. They are upset of course. No shows to play, no world tour or recordings of that new album they had in mind for months now. I’m getting that they also from time to time are having trouble with their feelings. After all, normally they lose their anger, fear, feelings of a great time, etc. in playing in front of an audience. That is their profession and that is what they live to do.

Now, Mother Nature has decided that that is not going to happen anytime soon, no sir. But we have to keep doing something. is what was going around in the heads of so many artists. Well, the most perfect thing they found out to do, happened to become so popular that they all started doing it and better yet, fans are loving it too.

“It’s times like these we learn to live again.”

quote from the famous American band: Foo fighters, from their song: Times Like these.

When you open up YouTube, allover the network you will find dozens of video’s of artist playing songs of their own while in quarantine. It happened to become such a great thing that lots of bands started doing it and today, YouTube is filled with it.

It gives bands and artists the chance to do what they love to do and in same time connect with their fans. It’s something we definitely need right now with all the bad news lingering around the world.

When you come home from work, or like many others, have spend a day behind your self established home-office, wouldn’t it be nice to just put a bit of music you love to hear?

“Hey man, it’s been such a long time ago since i’ve seen this band live.. Wait don’t they have a quarantine session of that song?” Before you know your dashboard of YouTube is filled with quarantine sessions of bands. Heck, they had so much time on their hands in the last couple of months, Well here we are guys. We have a couple of new songs ready and as soon as we’re able to record it, you will be the first to know. To get you all warmed up, here is the single of this new album.

Yes, the time we went through, truly did many bad things to many people and I will surely give my sincere condolences to everyone who has lost a close friend or family member during this time. But when it comes to music, to artists, to bands,… I think that we are going to get lots of new creations in the very near future and for that I think we also need to be very grateful.

Just remember, with every bad thing that happens in your life, comes back a good reward. No pain, no gain. And when this new track comes out and you listen to it, see it as a tribute to that one friend or family member, who is now in a better place.

Cause let’s face it, if we hadn’t had our music, our movies, our passions, our hobbies,.. If we hadn’t had the things we loved so much, earth would have been a dead, cold place. So be grateful for everything you have and love, and never let them go out of your lives. It’s what makes you, ‘you’.

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