Pusha T Blasts Young Thug Over His Criticism Of Drake Diss Removed From Pop Smoke Album

Pusha T keeps coming with fire for his latest Drake diss, which starred on Pop Smoke Posthumous track, “Paranoia”. Young Thug who happens to be featured on the track stated he(Pusha T) has no ‘respect’ for the rapper, Drake.

The track Paranoia, recorded by Pop Smoke prior to his death earlier this year, starred verses from Young Thug, Pusha T, and Gunna. Young Thug couldn’t hold down his dissatisfaction being drawn into drama. He stated on his Instagram story.

“I don’t respect the pusha t verse on the song with me and gunna cause I don’t have nun to do with y’all beef nor does Gunna,”
“and if I knew that was about him I would’ve made changes on our behalf…this rapper shit so gay.” he added.

Pusha T whose long-running feud with Drake stems back from 2018, was cooking hot. He replied Young thug on his Instagram story too.

“Don’t feel bad, NOBODY knew what the verse was abt. The label heads that stopped it didn’t even know. They ONLY ASSUME because HE TOLD them! The same HE TOLD abt the Ross ‘Maybach 6′ verse. And if HE’LL TELL record executives about rap verses, God only knows what else HE’LL TELL! I don’t deal in Police Work, Police Rappers, or Police N***As!!!”

He added:

“@youngthug you were the last verse added to the song and that’s ONLY because I requested YOU!!”
“And most important

@youngthug , just so we are clear… I WOULD NEVER look or need YOUR respect for what is it I bring to this rap game!!”

Pusha replied

Pusha beef with drake keeps cooking hot. It has taken ugly turns over the years. Fans hope it won’t take a severe twist in the end.

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