The Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Student Ban is pointless, terrible, and short-sighted. It seems the administration seeks no light out of the coronavirus pandemic. Measures which will reduce the adverse effect of the pandemic are supposed to be introduced. However, policies which will increase negative result are initiated. The new rule on international students set to push them to the wall, or even beyond the wall.

Online courses soon to be implemented in U.S. colleges do not justify the fact that International students should be sent home abruptly. The pandemic has definitely hit everyone hard. Living expenses have tripled, most purchases have added cost, plus an increased fee for education. Currently, students are short of funds. How will they travel back home? Which flights are available to board them home? As it is, most countries practice immigration-restriction because of the pandemic. No Country will receive anyone because of the risk of being infected.

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) leave students with the option to choose between getting stranded or contracting the virus during the process of traveling.
Over a million students from overseas are in U.S. colleges. Do their lives not matter? The reason behind the new rule seems uncommonsensical. The Former International student, now an Immigration lawyer, Fiona McEntee, said leaving the school will be very challenging, especially now during the pandemic where there are near-constant immigration restrictions. She called the new rule as, “not right.” It clearly not right at all. McEntee also drew notice on student health risk. She asked:

“If students can study online successfully from an academic point of view, why are we forcing them to come into a situation where they could put their health at risk and also the health of their classmates at risk?”

As it stands, the State Department will not issue International students visas, and the U.S. Customs and Border Protection will not allow them to enter the country. U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement new rule on ICE students is plainly unnecessary and wicked, and inhumane!

3 thoughts on “U.S. ICE Students Ban, A Bad Decision During The Pandemic

  1. This is a HORRIBLE decision that doesn’t reflect the reality of COVID-19. What are they thinking, if they are thinking at all?

    1. It seems this administration has no concern about Corvid-19. The High unrealistic decisions and concerns keep increase casualties in the State. So bad…

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