Almost a week ago, a streamer known by the name “Reckful” passed away from suicide. He was known by many communities, streaming games like World of Warcraft and Hearthstone on Twitch. Reckful influenced many lives with his content, being an inspiration to many.

Before continuing this post, the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline is 1-800-273-8255. If you or anyone is dealing with depression or contemplating suicide. Talk to someone.

You stand your ground in the arena’s sandy pits, holding your sword with the intent to kill. As the gates open and your opponent is revealed, and you no longer have that thrill. It is you. A fight in which you hesitate to fight back. A fight in which your opponent knows how you attack. A fight where they know what you lack. That is depression.

Mental health is something often overlooked, though it is so important to us as humans. It’s hard to notice depression, and even then, sometimes death comes so suddenly nobody expects it. This is why during these times of COVID-19, we have to remember why mental health is so important.

Stated in Dr. K’s video, “Suicide overall the last decade has increased by a third. We’re getting better at treating other diseases, like cancer rates are down. Heart disease rates are generally speaking down. I mean, those are the type of diseases that tend to happen when we get older. So you know, things like Alzheimer’s are on the rise but that’s probably because we’re living longer, but mental health is actually increasing.” This is a risk we face as we deal with ourselves. As we are the person we understand best, we can also become the person we hate most. To combat this, here are some helpful reminders to keep in mind to have minimal risk with your life on the line.


Current situations regarding COVID-19 aren’t helpful to us. We’re kept indoors, which, on its own, has a huge impact on our mental health. We socialize less, deal with the stress of the virus, and even now in certain areas of the United States, we are dealing with rises in COVID cases again. In times like these, it is most important to remember to stay open. Call a friend, text a loved one, or video chat with your therapist. Socialize with others and remember that you are not alone.

Setting Goals

Set a goal that’s easy to accomplish. It can be as simple as drinking more than two cups of water a day, or maybe you want to read a page of a book a week. Make every accomplishment count! Be proud of yourself! Make a realistic finish line and go set out and do it. It may seem silly, but having that sense of accomplishment can push you to do more.

Write It Down

Life can get crazy, so it might be helpful to write your thoughts down. We can become forgetful or not in the present. So try to write how you feel, be it sad or happy. It can be as descriptive as you want, or maybe just a few words. Acknowledging your emotions is one step closer to becoming healthier.

And with that, we hope these tips can give you at least a bit more purpose in what you do, and possibly a bit more joy. Reckful will be remembered by his fans, friends, and family, and we give our support to those mourning his death. Be aware of those around you, and especially yourself. Mental health is essential, and so are you. Life can be tough, but that’s what humans do.

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As a reminder, the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline is 1-800-273-8255.

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