Gaming Confession: What Makes You Keep Playing that Favorite Game?

As teens, many people got acquainted with one game or the other. Either Grand theft Auto, Crossfire, Tetris, Minecraft, Super Mario Bros, or others. Have you asked yourself why you interestingly play that game regularly? Almost every day?

There are personal reasons why we love playing some games for many hours non-stop. Your favorite games make you sit in one spot for hours. Without taking a nap, leaving your food untouched. With the gaming pad at hand and your eyes and mind glued to the screen.

We just keep having the muse and joy to keep playing. But what keeps us interested in that game? Why do you never get tired of playing FIFA or Pes or Mortal kombat? Most times these reasons are secretly known to us. Reasons, why some people love some particular games, are so funny and incredible. Here are some. See what makes some people play games 24/7 without losing interest.

Here some people making a confession about the game they love.

What your game confession? Why do you like to play that game? What do love about it? Hit the comment section below!

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