Trump touts potential tampering as possible cause for why elections should be put off in November

President Trump has tweeted that he believes elections should be postponed in November due to the potential for mail-in votes to be falsified.

As it stands many people do feel that the election may not even be decided by inauguration time in what is sure to have many counting through January with many mailing in votes versus showing up at the polls due to Coronavirus concerns.

He said in the tweet the election would be the most fraudulent and inaccurate in history an embarrassment to the whole country should it go on in November.

some of the things already seen in mail-in voting in California for instance is the 100,000 of them were disqualified just recently. Items cited for a disqualification were they arrived too late they did not have proper signature, or they didn’t have signatures that match the one on file. In tight races this can make a difference.

interference from other countries is also a hot topic of conversation in political circles, with all the talk of things that questionably happened in the 2016 election with all this said it is doubtful that the election will be changed from November, but we will continue to monitor this as it evolved.

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