Gypped Out of a Good Education

Is COVID-19 gypping children out of a good education?

With Covid-19 case spikes around the country there brings worry about re-opening schools for the fall, but is homeschooling an effective way of learning? 

Here’s what challenges may arise with kicking off the new school year at home.

Keeping the Motivation to Learn

With all the distractions of remote school, it’s hard to continue to conduct a normal learning experience. Kids keeping their motivation to learn is a major worry as far as staying interested in school work. Holding children’s interest in learning is demanding and challenging to say the least. Parents are struggling to manage the amount of schoolwork at home while trying to boost their enthusiasm for studying new things. Not to say that learning from home is not normal, for some students this is not changing the way they learn, but others may find that doing school work at home is difficult. However, home can be a place of distractions and children may be disengaged with school work. This is new territory for both parents and children, so finding that perfect balance of what works with homeschooling can be frustrating. 

How Well Are Children Understanding the Material? 

Are children absorbing assignments and understanding the information, as well as retaining it? Learning from home can be especially difficult for younger children to master the material. Teachers are so important and their techniques of teaching are irreplaceable for classroom learning. Yes, there are other tools that are encouraged to be used for at-home learning, but Zoom meetings may not be as effective as learning from first-hand in a classroom environment. There’s something you can’t replace from a school setting that is questionable on how much these children will retain. 

Recess Has Been Canceled

School is the main hub of socialization for most kids and the disconnect from the outside world. Recess has been canceled and there has been a permanent pause on play dates. Concerns of COVID-19 are confining children to there homes due to the fact that many schools are failing to reopen in the fall. The reality of today is that kids have to be just as cautious with coronavirus as adults are and they are definitely feeling it. The new norms to conform and force children to wear child-size masks and to continue social distancing is still a prominent thing. Social distancing has caused most of us to isolate in our homes and these restrictions absolutely affect children in one way or another. Children’s imaginations may be kicked into overdrive due to the disconnection from the outside world. Like adults, are children suffering from a lack of socialization? 

Sharing a Work Space

Are parents putting work first, preventing the child to be in a normal place of learning? Sharing a workspace for both parents and children require excellent multi-tasking skills, as well as a ton of patience, but this merge may cause a lot of setbacks for the child to receive a sufficient education. This puts pressure on the parents to perform at work and to monitor the children’s assignments. Parents are struggling to meet deadlines, while kids are working on classwork, making it a demanding day. Continuing with a school like schedule from home can be helpful to keep on track with school work. It’s tricky territory for sure and health takes the presidency, but education may be falling to the curb. 

There are so many questions as to what the new school year will hold and how it will affect children’s day to day schedule, as well as their education.

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