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This article contains mentions of sexual assault and rape.

*This article may contain spoilers.*

HBO has another gem of a series on it’s hands with Michaela Coel’s I May Destroy You. The dark comedy is the second TV series that Coel has starred, produced and written for. Like her previous series, Chewing Gum, Coel tackles many serious topics while still remaining witty and humorous to keep the audience entertained. The intersectional commentary involving race, identity, sex, rape and class acts as a catalyst for many discussions that people should be having in today’s society. Coel’s character, Arabella, is a free spirited, yet clever writer who has a bit of a wild and mischievous side, who is raped after getting drugged while at a bar with her friends. Throughout the series she makes attempts to move on from the assault and get her life in order with the support of her two friends Terry and Kwame, who come to face with struggles of their own regarding assault and guilt. Arabella faces many challenges as a Black woman, a victim of assault, and a working writer in London. Even with the fascinating discourse that happens on screen about these topics of identity and sex, at the end of every episode a source is provided to help audiences who are victims of abuse or assault or who know someone who is. The website is . The series is on it’s 8th episode in the U.S and many fans worldwide have resonated with it.

Coel has recently stated that Netflix offered her an underwhelming deal for the show but she denied it and went with HBO as she would get proper ownership instead. She is just the latest Black woman to showcase her talent, ingenuity and guts in an art form and with that, she is helping the world dismantle rape culture and heal from it. There should be no doubt in anyones mind that she deserves the attention, praise and recognition from fans all over the world.


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