Oh God! How Rich is Dwayne Johnsone To Buy XFL For $15million

From a broke dude to wrestler, then to a superstar wrestler. And then out of the blue, he dabbled into Hollywood becoming one of its top-rated superstars in the world. The WWE legend partnered with Gerry Cardinale’s RedBird Capital on the purchase.

Dany Garcia (Rock’s business partner and ex-wife) also had a hand in the purchase of Vince McMahon’s XFL for $15 million.

The Half-Black (African) and half-Samoan superstar have earned a huge net worth built for nearly 25-years career of wrestling and acting. The Rock’s current net worth is total $320 million.The wrestler-turned-actor is also Instagram’s ‘most valuable star’ who can charge advertisers more than $1m (£790,000) per post. Can you believe that? Over $1million dollars per ad. He is probably going to contest for President with this huge sum he earns.

Entertainment News

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