Big Brother 22 Starts…Lets Go!

Finally, the wait is over. Regardless of the Coronavirus pandemic, Big Brother 22, the All Stars Season, is here!

The show runners decided to reveal the 16 houseguests tonight, on the first episode. I think that is a good move because it allows all of us super fans to ponder who would compete in this new season.

I have a few people that I enjoyed watching in the past. The houseguests that most people know by first name such as Rachel, Dan, Doctor Will, Boogie, Janelle, Danielle (Reyes) and Derrick. I have other favorites but these people are the legends to me that elevated the game.

The reveal was somewhat satisfying. I won’t go over all the cast mates just my pick for the win.

Nicole Anthony is America’s favorite houseguest from last season. She is a great social player and seems quite adept at maneuvering the game. She is a podcast speaker talking about reality shows. I think analyzing reality shows and their patterns gives her an edge. Her playing style will most likely be under the radar.

We should have an awesome season. So many greats are there like Janelle, Ian, Kaysar, Cody, Memphis and Danielle (Donato), etc. Let’s enjoy this season!

We still have many unanswered questions. Who will make the strongest and lasting alliance? Who will be a puppet or get back doored? Who will be the latest showmance?Time will tell how amazing this cast is and the stories they will bring forth.

Do you have any predictions? Please let me know below.

Stay tuned with @resumegold30 on Instagram as I follow the Big Brother 22 season.

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