Self-Care During Social Change

In these times of drastic social change, it can be easy to run out of fuel. Here are some easy ways to recharge and take care of yourself during your advocacy, news-scrolling, and unlearning.

Remember that this is a marathon, not a sprint!

If you find yourself scrolling through stressful news non-stop:

  • Set a timer for 10 minutes. Don’t look at your phone during that time.
  • Make sure your home feels safe and comfortable to you. Put some items near you that make you feel good.
  • Go for a walk! You can return to your advocacy once you get back.

If you feel unsupported or alone:

  • Start a group chat full of people who think like you do. Share links to petitions, important news, and so on! Make sure it stays action-oriented.
  • See if there are any local organizations that fight for what you believe in.
  • Attend a webinar or watch lectures online that help you improve yourself.

If you’re starting to feel numb to all of the negative news:

  • Burnout is very real! Realize that you’re hiding your true emotions behind a protective wall, and that it’s a valid coping mechanism.
  • Try journaling, making some art, or some other expressive action that helps you re-connect to yourself.
  • Enjoy some media that usually makes you feel something. Is there a movie that always makes you cry? A video game that you’re super attached to?

If you’re feeling disempowered or hopeless:

  • Find some media where someone fights for change and makes a difference and let it inspire you. Maybe it’s time to rewatch Hamilton!
  • Connect with a friend and talk to them about it. You’re probably doing more than you realize and need an outsider’s view in order to see that.
  • Reward yourself after you make an action. Maybe you can set 30 minutes aside to sign petitions, donate, and share information before you go ahead and treat yourself to your favorite ice cream!

If you’re feeling guilty or ashamed:

  • This is a frequent feeling associated with unlearning information. Remind yourself that it’s okay to change your mind after receiving new information. You can’t blame yourself for not knowing something before you learned it!
  • Take some time to reward yourself after a long session of unlearning. You can’t expect others to praise you for this, but you can be proud for bettering yourself.

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