Big Brother – My Guiltiest Pleasure

Look, we are all allowed our guilty pleasures. Some people like listening to musicals when their friends aren’t around. Or read silly pulp romance novels. Or drink White Claws. I, however, watch Big Brother every summer. Is Big Brother a trashy reality show? Yeah. It is, you won’t find many fans who deny it. But it wouldn’t be a guilty pleasure if it wasn’t. It all started innocently enough. I grew up a huge fan of Survivor. I needed a show to fill the Survivor sized hole in my heart during summer while I waited for the fall season. There was Big Brother nicely gift wrapped for me to watch. I was hooked almost immediately. It’s equal parts fun competitions, interesting strategies, and trashy reality show arguments. And I love every minute of it. Well… not exactly every minute. Some seasons are better then others. Some I watch loving every minute of it and others I hate watch every minute of it hoping that the one person find root able manages to win. But this season? The one that started last night? It’s All-Stars. Even if some of the contestants aren’t what I’d call “All-Stars”, I am super psyched all the same. Don’t get me wrong, Survivor is still my truest love when it comes to reality competition shows, but every summer I get addicted to Big Brother and not having it all summer has been heart breaking. Most people define their summers by going to the beach or hanging out with friends. I define it by watching Big Brother religiously. It is my guiltiest pleasure. I love how petty some of the arguments can get. It almost makes me understand why people watch shows like Real Housewives. Almost. I love rooting for my favorite players and rooting against everyone else. Love how silly it can be at some times and how quickly it can turn to be a cut throat game. I love watching the genius strategies of some players and absolutely frustratingly moronic strategies of others. That’s all I have to say about this. I needed to get all this off my chest because, since it’s a guilty pleasure, I certainly don’t talk to any of my friends about it. I just love this largely trashy, often problematic, and always fun reality show. Just please, please don’t judge me on this, my guiltiest of pleasures. I just really like this show. Thank you for your time.

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