ExCommunication – Now We’ve got Ghosts and Demons

By: Corey Lack


ExCommunication, Peter Clines’s third book in his ExHeroes series, introduces a new character in the form of the hero Cairfax and shows that the enemy “Peevee” is still quite present despite his apparent death in the end of the first book. As someone who has read a lot of comic books, I couldn’t help but make connections from the new character that was the ghost of a sorcerer who bonded with a demon to gain its power and form to the likes of Dr. Strange and Etrigan from Marvel and DC comics respectively.


The plot for the story actually is introduced in the previous book when Zzzap is seemingly having conversations with himself while in his energy form. In this book, the reader finds out that little aspect that might have been overlooked in the previous book was actually very important as it was Zzzap talking with the ghost of the sorcerer. The book itself has the plot start where exes start to randomly explode which the ghost explains is due to the demon trying to find a host to inhabit. Meanwhile, the villain formerly known as Peevee is also causing trouble as his ability allows him now to inhabit and control multiple exes becoming essentially a one-person army, hence his new self-given nickname “Legion.” The book’s plot is definitely entertaining as the big twist at the end seemed to come out of nowhere which is certainly a point in its favor. Also, the characters and all of their interesting quirks are still very apparent in the book.


How there is one big issue with the book and specifically its plot and that is the fact that it doesn’t seem to add much to the overarching story. Unlike the others, it seemed like this one was to be almost episodic, having no real bearing on the rest of them.


That said, I’d still recommend this book because it kept me interested from cover to cover. True, there is that minor issue that I already discussed, but it doesn’t ruin the book in my opinion. In the end, I’d give it seven and a half exploded exes out of ten.

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