You are always just one thought from your empowerment. No matter what is going on anywhere in the world, what is happening in the workplace, or in your own home, you are just one thought away from your empowerment. How is this so? Let’s start with who you are and why you are here. I want you to understand you are the pure energy of love, continually you are organizing yourself into matter, the physical being you call by your name. As energy, you are always in motion, evolving and experiencing yourself in circumstances and events. Most often you call this living your life. But you are the one creating this life with your thought.

Yes, with your thought. Your thought is your major tool for fashioning your experiences, whether the experiences are those you enjoy or those are of no real interest to you. Your thought is an instrument comprised of the thoughts and beliefs, emotions, and images of your inner world, all of which are energy. As you are with me on this journey exploring your empowerment, keep in mind that in using the words thought and energy, I am talking about everyone and everything, including myself. I accept you as a thought. I accept you as energy. I accept everyone as thought and energy. I accept everything as thought and energy.

Let me explain. The circumstances and events through which I am experiencing myself is energy formed of my thoughts and beliefs, emotions and images focused either in love or in fear. Experiences formed in thoughts of love differ from those formed in thoughts of fear, and I am always creating my experiences in the image and likeness of my thought. All through this life course, I have been accepting guidance of the social traditions for forming my experiences in the thought and energy of fear and of judgment, giving my attention to what the physical senses are telling me about the world around me and how the human-ego reasoning mind is interpreting and judging what I am seeing and hearing. After discovering my inner world, formed of the pure energy of love, is the only reality, I made the commitment to live my Truth.

By accepting as Truth that love is the one and only reality, I made the commitment to myself to identify myself as Love, the eternal presence of love. Identifying myself as the eternal presence of love, with the commitment to live my Truth, I realized I had to cultivate the practice of living love. I had to find out how to live love. Cultivating the practice of living love means discontinuing the practice of living fear and judgment. Simply choosing to experience myself differently, I am energy organizing myself differently. This means looking into the face of the circumstances and events but seeing beyond the veil in which they are wrapped.

Most circumstances and events are well-wrapped in the veil of fear and judgment. Look around to see how many things you have been taught and encouraged to fear. Afraid you are going to do it wrong, or doubting you want to get it right. Worrying about how you are going to get through the month because you are experiencing yourself living paycheck to paycheck, or no paycheck at all. Experts are warning you to be very afraid about exposing yourself to the harm of covid-19 and emergency alerts take over your phone telling you to take cover because of severe weather headed your way. Applying for a job, finding out hundreds are in the running, you might just wonder if you have enough to beat out the competition. Just scratching the surface here.

These are just a few circumstances formed with the thought of fear and judgment. Often, we react to such experiences. Reacting to a thought, I am engaging in a vibrational conversation, agreeing with the energy of the thought, revealing my belief in the thought as real and true. As I am awakening, facing energy I no longer want to experience, I am choosing to experience myself differently. How? I am choosing to think differently. I am choosing a different thought, a thought that activates my natural empowerment, no longer pretending I am powerless. I realize by living in fear and judgment, I was calling circumstances and events I did not want to experience to me. I now realize I was calling this energy to me for a purpose.

Why would I call circumstances and events I don’t want to me? Why would I call things I fear and judge before me where I am experiencing them through my physical senses? Pause for a moment to understand I didn’t just start calling these things to me. I am been doing it at the very least since I was a newborn. Only now, however, am I aware of what I am doing. In other words, I am awakened enough to know this is what I am doing. More, I now realize why I am calling the circumstances and events to me. I am calling this energy before me so I can remember I am the eternal presence of love, and I am here to beam love to everyone and everything.

Not only am I remembering I am the eternal presence of love, I am remembering you are the eternal presence of love. Further, I am remembering everyone is the eternal presence of love. Perhaps you are asking, “How do I remember I am the eternal presence of love?” It’s simple. Let me tell you how I remember. I repeatedly contemplate the thought, “I am the eternal presence of love” until I am feeling the feeling of the eternal presence of love within and all throughout my being where I am automatically beaming the light and energy of love to everyone. I am beaming the light and energy of love to everything. I am contemplating the thought of the eternal presence of love and reacting to this thought.

Something you might want to know about contemplation. You are always becoming that which you contemplate. Whatever you are contemplating, you are confirming your beliefs and thoughts about yourself and others. You might be contemplating something you no longer want to experience, or something you want. When contemplating something you don’t want, you are focusing on something already known, often from the past. You are becoming again something you had already been, although that is something you no longer want. But notice what is going on. You are caught up in energy that will not let you go until you accept it that you called it to yourself, transcending it so you are thinking differently. You are remembering who you are.

Remembering who you are, you begin contemplating something you want, focusing on the possibilities. In the moment you begin engaging in possibilities, you are freeing yourself from life in just the known and the familiar. You are changing the context of your contemplation from reacting and judging, fault-finding and blaming to revealing your childlike innocence and curiosity, opening yourself to the world of infinite possibilities. Focusing on infinite possibilities, you are wondering about the purpose the event is serving, gaining clarity on why you called the event up to the surface of the three-dimensional world of shadows and effects.

Awakening, I am activating my empowerment by changing the direction of my thought, being aware of the innocence. I want you to understand this. Everyone is innocent. I want you to know you are innocent. You are innocent of any wrongdoing of any kind. You cannot get it wrong, no matter what you are doing, saying, or believing. You ask how this is so. I want you to understand both love and fear are vibratory states of consciousness. Each state is like a nation with its own laws and customs. Unlike nations in the physical world, in states of consciousness, you are always in compliance with their laws and customs. You are expressing the states you are occupying by reacting to the thoughts, perceptions, and images you formulated in the states.

In vibratory states of fear, you are always expressing the emotions of fear or doubt, blame or hatred, rage or insecurity, unworthiness, or despair, on and on, revealing where you are living psychologically. I am seeing your innocence because you are only complying with the laws and customs of the states you are occupying and expressing. I have no idea what you had committed yourself to discover and accomplish while in that state. That is not my business. I realize you are going to continue dwelling in that state until you have finished with it. You alone know when you are ready to leave a state. When finished, you will leave, knowingly or unwittingly, entering the next state you had chosen for experiencing yourself.

In the vibratory states of love, you are complying with their laws and customs as you are expressing appreciation, hope and enthusiasm, joy and compassion while gaining clarity about the possibilities. In my journey of thought, I am finding it takes persistence to maintain focus in my Truth because of the thinking habits I formed earlier when I was conformed to the world of fear and judgment. It is a matter of repetition, drowning out my old thinking habits, exchanging them for new thinking habits of innocence and curiosity and wonderment. Being particularly in tune with my inner conversations, I am monitoring and regulating my thoughts and emotions.

I realize my self-talk is revealing where I am psychologically. My inner conversations show where I am inadvertently sending my thoughts. Monitoring my thoughts, I am “catching” my thoughts of worry or frustration, or whatever I am identifying as a problem. I am regulating thought by remembering who I really am. I am remembering I am the eternal presence of love. When thinking or saying I can’t do something, or can’t afford something, I am arguing for the limitations I created for myself. Catching my arguments for my limitations, I am regulating the thought by remembering I am the unlimited pure energy of love. I am remembering we are all fields of light, all emitting thought waves from within the internal environment.

Awakening, I am learning to completely accept the states assumed, understanding this entire world is imagined. Everything we are experiencing was first imagined in the energy that we are giving our attention. Realizing I had imagined in the energy of fear and judgment, having structured my experiences in frightening and limiting conditions, I realize the value of accepting responsibility for the impact of my assumptions. I am learning it is not about finding something out in the world that is right. It’s not about correcting anything out there, but allowing correction in consciousness, in my attitudes and beliefs about myself. I’m learning my beliefs and attitudes about myself drive my attitudes and beliefs about you.

Learning to accept responsibility for how I structured my experiences, I am learning how to use time wisely. I realize I am always using time as a utility. Reacting to possibilities, I am using time wisely. I am investing time in something I cherish and adore. Reacting to events and circumstances reported or observed, with worry or concern, fear, and judgment, I am spending time in something that makes me feel powerless and limited. Aware of how each perspective differs, I am attentive to my thoughts, choosing thoughts of love for structuring experiencing, cultivating the practice of investing time. I am aware of when I am investing and when I am spending time, surrendering my power. This comes with monitoring my thoughts.

Recognizing what I am doing with my thoughts, I am regulating them by remembering I am free. Always free. Just how am I always free? I am always free to think whatever I want to think. I am free to think the familiar thoughts of the known past as well as unfamiliar thoughts of possibilities. Cultivating the practice of thinking possibilities, I’m contemplating thoughts of how I am going to incorporate myself into the experiences I am creating. I am cultivating my freedom of thought by choosing how I am experiencing myself each day. Each day comes with multiple opportunities for choosing how I am experiencing myself.

Whenever I am choosing how I am experiencing myself, I am framing new assumptions, impressing the mind to focus beyond the conditions to see the heart behind the mask. Why do I want to see the heart behind the mask? The heart is the seat of love. Knowing love is the one and only reality, and that only love is true, I am contemplating the heart, awakening to the truth that love is my Truth. Understanding love is the only thing that is real and true, I know right away that anything that is not love is an illusion. My reactions show what I know in my heart to be real and true. My reactions show when I am aligned with my heart, and when I am out of alignment. They show when I am opposing who I really am. They show when I’m opposing your Truth.

I am awakened enough to realize it is time for correcting my thoughts, perceptions, and images when I am opposing Truth. My greatest cue is the bad feelings that come from thoughts of dislike, disapproval, or dissatisfaction and the like. The sensations are chemical charges, much like knocking on the door of my heart, calling me to wake up to my empowerment. Awakening to my power, I am discovering I always have my empowerment, regardless of where or how I am focusing my attention. I’m discovering my empowerment in the width of a thought. I am waking up to the truth that in reacting to circumstances and events, I am giving attention to energy that is already spent, unwittingly reviving, and strengthening what happened. Is this what I want?

With this said, I’m inviting you to decide if you want to give your power continually to revive and strengthen conditions you don’t want, or to live your empowerment by choosing how you want to experience yourself. I’m asking you to decide if you want to continue experiencing yourself a victim, believing someone or something is the power over you. You’re telling me you are not a victim. I agree. I’m just saying you are pretending you are a victim when you are upset about something that happened, whether in your body, your bank account, on the job, or in the family. You are pretending you are a victim to government or the political system, or covid-19.

I say you are pretending because any of these conditions is not your Truth. It is a matter of remembering what it’s like living in the dimension of unlimited pure energy, with infinite intelligence, inexhaustible abundance of everything, and fields of multiple lights. Even science has caught up with the understanding of the fields of light that you are, where neuroscience and neurobiology tells us about the 700 voltage electrical power plant comprising the community networks of the fifty-some trillion cells of the human body. I’m telling you; you do not have to pretend you are limited or disenfranchised anymore. Just remember and live your truth, adjusting your thought to your empowerment. You own everything known and everything possible.

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A lifelong learner with a multidisciplinary doctoral degree in Family Systems, I leveraged the disciplines of Family Therapy, Adult Development, and Adult Learning to enrich a social work career I entered with the earned bachelors in Psychology. I am a student of life. Having designed the curricula for self-directed learning, I attained a strong knowledge base in chemical dependency counselor training and theology. From the year 2014, I am increasingly passionate about quantum communication, epigenetics, neuroscience, neuroplasticity, and mysticism. I am subsequently developing eclectic proficiency in the new sciences.
Knowing the human transformational process evolves, I realize my advancement includes developing expertise in brain-based learning and teaching. This quality impacts my plain- language writing skills for translating complex concepts into generic terms. After learning that a fifteenth-century thinker set the division between science and philosophy, resulting in the dismissal of the human consciousness, its purpose, and use from the sciences, I began to identify myself as the philosopher and scientist of my life and my world.
I learned about the impact of “thought” on health, relationships, and finances. I started testing my faculties to see if I could discern the differences. Like magic, I got astounding and exciting results. Because of my findings, I wanted to share the knowledge of this capacity with everyone. My reach, because of the internet, is global. Learners using the Imagination Education platform have proved to themselves their ever-expanding brilliance.
My drive is to take the teachings of mysticism out of the occult. For this reason, I focus on everything-consciousness, specializing in the structure and function of the mind. Through my scientific approaches, I find again and again that we can transcend our limitations and fears to restore our natural sense of empowerment. This practice means taking back the power that we always had, but forgot.
Upon learning the impact of thought on health and relationships, I started testing specific scientific concepts, applying a wide variety of procedures. I integrate the four properties of consciousness, thought and belief, and imagination and feeling, to make the changes I want to see in my body, relationships, finances, and the world.
Most significantly, in my experimentation, I found the thought of fear is unnecessary. I found the need to seek the approval of others is no longer the way to attain our desires. That no one can take anything from us or deprive us of anything resulted in a profound awakening. How is this such a marvelous thing? Each of us has within us the most powerful tool that exists, the wonderful human imagination. Using the human imagination as a tool, we can change anything. We make everything that exists in the world around us with this instrument.
We are imagination and consciousness!
I write in conversational style to explain how we are connected to one another in an infinite field of consciousness, emphasizing how to maintain brain-body coherence. Upon learning the impact of thought on health and relationships, I started testing specific scientific concepts through which we could as individuals expand human consciousness. The idea is to transcend our limitations and fears in order to restore our natural sense of empowerment – take back our power. My results show we no longer have to let others dominate or enslave us, or deprive us of anything. We have the power of thought and belief, imagination and feeling to change anything. We usually dismiss these four qualities of empowerment because we are most often captivated by the visible world around us. I am in my writing emphasizing the power of living simultaneously in the two worlds consciously, with the understanding that it is through the inner, invisible world that we form our outer, visible world. Everything starts in Imagination.

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