Republicans Join Democrats to Start the Democratic Convention in a Surprise Crossover

The Democratic National Convention started last night virtually with speakers, some of them Republicans. This is a new age, and could not imagine living in this alternate universe yet here we are.

The most prominent of the Rebublican was Ohio Governor John Kaisch, Who has served in that role for the past 8 years. It was interesting to see him speaking and standing at a literal crossroad in his State, talking about Joe Biden being a “reasonable man, knowing that he would not turn a hard left” as people are fearing. He is one of the growing republicans who are going to “Never Trump” due to his chaotic approach, his conduct and generally felt to be poorly handling of the coronavirus and leadership practices.

Colin Powell, whom supported Barrack Obama in 2016, is again supporting the democratic candidate in this election as well.

Republican Meg Whitman, former CEO of Hewlett Packard indicated that Trump could not run a business much less the country, and should not be running the nation.

The Lincoln Project which states they hold accountable Americans who put their own interest above the constitution, is led by several high-profile Republicans, including John Weaver, Rick Wilson, Reed Galen and George Conway, the husband of White House counselor Kellyanne Conway. The group has officially endorsed Joe Biden and is primarily known for a series of ads that attack Trump on a number of fronts. The President has labeled the group the “Losers Project” and called its founders Republicans in name only.

People seem extremely concerned about the person iteslf, not so much the party, except the logic in choosing Donald Trump. This is unprecedented though that we have seen so many people in the party start to throw their hat in for the challenger. That which has the opposite in ideals of which they do, other than they think he appears to be more trustworthy.

People wish to some way equalize the chaos. At this point,any change to make that happen is going to be beneficial. People need to make sure all the options are weighed before making a decision. One chaos could just be exchanged for another.

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