Persona 5: Royal – A DLC-esque remake

By: Corey Lack


Persona 5 Royal was a game released this year of 2020 and takes place in the universe of the original Persona 5 game. Essentially, this game is Persona 5 with more added to it. Some of the additions added are a new section of time with new events, new personas to create and fight, new characters, and the palaces are revamped to have new areas and collectibles. Despite the changes, this game is still essentially Persona 5, so if you enjoyed the original version, then you will enjoy this.


Now, let’s go into the changes in more detail. The biggest changes involve the introduction of the two new characters: Kasumi Yoshizawa and Takuto Maruki. Both of these characters are developed through the events that were introduced in the original version as well as new events that take place. Speaking of characters, let’s go into something that was rather minor, but still a nice addition. This is that characters that will become relevant later or aren’t seen outside of their confidant locations will still be seen during the various “heading to school” scenes. These scenes are the ones where the main character is talking to someone on a train platform on the way to school or where they’re walking down the street to school. In either scene, you will notice the likes of Ohya waiting on the platform in the background or Makoto walking behind the character as they walk to school.


The combat is still the same stylized turn-based one that was in the first game. It still works for the game and it is still fun to do. The main difference in this version rather than the original version is that there seems to be a bigger emphasis on technical damage. Also, the baton pass system has been changed so that there are different levels of baton pass. Rather than unlocking baton pass like in the original version, the player levels them up between the different party members by playing team darts in the new area they can explore.


As I already said, this game is essentially Persona 5 with more added to it. I still greatly enjoyed the game. There wasn’t a part that I found was worth not playing the game. The character interactions and confidant leveling is still interesting and enjoyable to see. The combat is still fun. The characters are still interesting. The only issue that I had, and it was a very slight one, was that there’s still the problem that many anime and anime games have. Basically, no character can say something once if they can’t repeat it over a dozen times throughout a short span of time. That said, I still highly recommend this game. I give it 9.5 calling cards out of 10.

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