First Male Supermodel John Pearson seeks to confront mental health in his new digital magazine

People think they have you all figured out when they see you. Woefully, prejudice goes to the fashion and entertainment industry as it is branded superficial and trivial. I have never had that feeling for it, because its potential to cover fraught and vital issues has always been apparent to me. Suicide is one of those issues that first male model and one of the stars of George Michael’s music video for “Freedom! ’90.”

            Taking on issues like suicide and mental health, the 51-year old’s quarantine brainchild “Mr. Feelgood” wants to promote that we can all connect and feel good. Being envisioned as a platform for discussion, innovative ideas, making sense of the world, and ideals like well-being and self-care, the magazine was advertised on Instagram with hashtags like “style” and “culture” but also “wellness” and “sustainable.”

            The magazine fundamentally goes beyond what we wear and even the psyche behind what we wear and think. What we watch, feel, and do is also covered in the digital publication. Issues that are not regularly talked about or are more difficult to talk about, like taboo issues, are given a platform in this digital magazine.

            I personally believe that these issues are the most essential, insightful, and beneficial to unpack. Embodied by the phrase, “what the f*ck?”, the magazine seeks to debunk myths and stigmas related to mental illnesses. Especially, Pearson wants this to give men a voice to confront this. The cathartic process seeks tackles the issues of suicide, which Pearson cites has affected him. His friend, Tatjana, who invokes his help did commit suicide and Pearson also says this is too frequent. Other than shows like “13 Reasons Why”, other areas like journalism or artistic mediums like fashion, can also have utmost potential in confronting mental health.

            Lastly, Pearson used this pandemic and the downtime it provided as an opportunity to build bridges among men that are expected to be these impenetrable people. It is a glimmer of hope in a year that has really changed history. The world needs inspiring minds to come forward and right the many wrongs in societies. John Pearson has proven, as he still models and is an entrepreneur, it is never too late!

By: Umar Siddiqui

Fashion Models

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