Skyrim: why it’s a masterpiece.

Essentially anyone who likes video games has at the very least heard of, if not played, skyrim. With millions of sales under its belt, that shouldn’t come as a surprise.

Today, we’ll be taking a look into five reasons why Skyrim is so beloved within the gaming community.

Reason One: The Sheer Amount You Can Do 

From dealing with the politics of the main storyline to grinding your magic skills until you’re maxed out five times over, there’s a seemingly unending amount of things you can do with just the base game.

Reason Two: The Soundtrack

From hauntingly beautiful environmental pieces to intense battle music, skyrim has a distinct soundtrack that is both pleasing to the ear and good at worldbuilding. Jeremy Soule absolutely hit the nail on the head when he scored the soundtrack for this game.

Reason Three: The Storylines

 Outside of the main storyline of the game, there are a plethora of others which range from relatively short to surprisingly long. 

Ones that are especially liked among Skyrim goers are: the dark brotherhood’s storyline, the thief’s guild storyline, the college of winterhold’s storyline and the companion’s storyline. (not to mention the dawnguard or dragonborn dlc storylines, don’t worry we’re getting there.)

Reason Four: The dlc

Each add-on has its own merit and we will be taking a quick look into all three.

The first to be released was the Dawnguard expansion, in which the player can join the Dawnguard. The Dawnguard are a group of vampire hunters. They specifically want to destroy the clan Volkihar as they are a very powerful group of vampires. As the player continues the storyline, they can either choose to join the vampires or stay with the Dawnguard. We won’t be going into too much detail to avoid spoilers, but I will say that many a player will find Serana (Daughter of Lord Harkon, the leader of clan Volkihar) quite likable, (even I myself had a small crush on her while playing) but she cannot be married in-game.

The second to be released was the Hearthfire expansion, in which the player can now adopt up to two children and buy land to build houses on. Plots of land are added to the game which the player can buy. Once a player has purchased land they can then continue to build a house, the size and layout of which varies on how the player decides to assemble it. Be aware though, building your own house isn’t cheap. It requires wood, iron and clay. A lot of it, but it can be rather rewarding, whether you purchase your building materials or gather them yourself.

The third to be released was the Dragonborn expansion, in which the player is targeted by a character named Miraak. The player must travel by boat to an island called Solsthiem and continue their search for the mysterious person named Miraak. There is a lot more to be done on Solstheim than just the Dragonborn storyline and I encourage you to explore that if you haven’t already.

Even just finding all the black books is very rewarding.

Reason Five: mods/community

There are so many things you can do with mods in skyrim, an endless amount really. You want different graphics? You got it. You want a character to look different? You got it. You want the most overpowered weapons and armor? You got it. But aside from all the things you can do in-game with mods, it also brings about a sense of community and belonging for a lot of people and I for one, think that’s really special. 

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