Which Streaming Service is the Best Value for Money?

Technological advancement, a hallmark of the contemporary age, befittingly offers a wide array of recreational facilities to the modern day consumer. Amongst the highlight of such technologically invested developments, features the world of online gaming. Besides placing a substantial value on the entertainment quotient, the popularity of online gaming play zones and forums is primarily attributed to cater to the need for experiential socialisation amongst the users as well as a concern for generating revenue in the process.

With more and more gaming streams surfacing , it is pertinent to gauge the pros and cons of the major ones that are coming to define the world of gaming today.Presented in this article is an a analysis of some streaming services that offer the best value fort money .Let’s have a look!


Image Courtesy: Twitch 

Launched in 2011 , Twitch for a fairly long time was the only website to provide streaming services to gamers. Since then , it has been the foremost streaming service witnessing anunprecedented acceleration of growth, and managing to garnerabout 2 to 3 million active streamer on its site, 15 million daily viewers, where an average user is said to spend about a hundred minutes streaming its services per day.

Price: USD 4.99 (per month)


Despite being a video game streaming service, Twitch over the years has diversified its content and hence comes across as a platform that enables individuals  to exhibit their skills in performing arts, design, programming and much else. In comparison to other streaming services , Twitch houses a hugely populated audience , which of course allows a streamer to project his content in front of millions of viewers .Streaming on Twitch hence means that you are most likely able to find an audience that displays an affinity to the type of content you present. Moreover , when it comes to analytics , Twitch outshines other streaming services since it allows streamers to familiarise themselves with the number of their viewers, the time span accorded by viewers to each game and and other such fun stats. Read Morehttps://www.twitch.tv/creatorcamp/en/level-up/channel-analytics/ . Also , Twitch’s monetisation options are super convenient, be they  of affiliate or partner category. They save you the hassle of worrying about your finances. Lastly , Twitch makes it feasible for viewers to discover a streamers history of podcasts, clips and all through its easily discoverable Videos on Demand feature.


Despite having a bigger audience that may notice your content , on the converse there might be instances where new streamers might face difficulty in getting noticed, since the audience to streamer ratio is quite high. Moreover, there have been reported instances of trolling and spamming, an issue emanating from the bigger audience aspect of Twitch.


Image Courtesy: Mixer

Mixers potential escalation in the grant of a good streaming experience is what is attracting Twitch’s streamers towards itsuch as Mixer’s acquiring of Twitch’s great stars, Tyler ‘Ninja’ Belvins or Michael ‘Shroud’ Grzeslek.

Price: USD 4.99 (per month)


When it comes to streaming directly from Xbox One , Mixer provides an integrated user experience since it is hosted directly into the Xbox interface and allows you to go live in just a couple of minutes. This feature of Mixer definitely wins in over Twitch. Also, Mixer permits co-streaming allowing multiple broadcasters to simultaneously stream their game at a single location. This feature of Mixer ushers in a comprehensively social experience for the broadcasters as well as the audience, since they get to see the perspectives and analysis of each streamer involved in the gameplay.Further building up its interactivity , Mixer allows the audience to get directly involved in the gameplay by permitting special audio effects through a soundboard  or voting on important choices in a game being played. Also , Mixer has an appreciative XP system that rewards the viewers in exchange for something assimple as spending time on its platform!


Unlike Twitch , Mixer has a limited audience.The content to audience ratio is hence fairly, wide. Also, for quick monetisation facility, Mixer mandates partner status.Without it , the monetisation is slow.Another downside to Mixer is that , its hard to find a streamers older content therein since unlike Twitch it does not houses a Video on Demand facility.Moreover, it is a bit tedious to stream Mixer from PS4.


        Image Courtesy: Caffeine

Founded by Ex- Apple designers Ben Keighran and Sam Roberts, Caffeine is a promising streaming service , though still in its burgeoning state. Possessing a fairly simple interface, streaming on Caffeine is real-time and devoid of any particular obstructions.Caffeine promises to work upon building live TV for children who have not yet had an experience of its dynamics and operations.

Price: Currently provides free access 


Setting up a livestream on Caffeine is fairly simple. Doing soonly requires a microphone and a webcam, and by just pressing ‘Start broadcasting’ tab , one is good to go live!


Perhaps the greatest drawback of Caffeine is the fact that it does not have an Android App, making it only accessible oncomputers or on IOS devices. Also , Caffeine provides minimal marketing opportunities for monetisation to streamers ,unlike Twitch or Mixer.


     Image Courtesy: Steam

With about 150 million users , Steam is another one of the favourite PC gaming platforms that we have in the market.Launched in 2003, it is like other gaming platforms since it allows users to play , create and sell PC games It hosts thousands of interesting games from big developers as well asgame designers.However, not all games offered therein are suitable for children, taking into consideration graphic scenes of violence and explicitly sexual content featured in some of the games such as ‘Grand Theft’ or even ‘Counter Strike’ for that matter. 

Read More:https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.commonsense.org/blog/b0d9b042-59fc-42ab-aea8-c1640f00d6a8

Price: No monthly subscription fee. Payment only required to be filed in for games that one intends to engage in.


It has a diverse game library that and utilises big picture mode. It also permits remote downloads as well as facilitates remote playing.Library sharing option is another one of its good features. Also the fact that it houses a plethora of game recommendation tools makes it convenient to use.


It has a supremely busy interface and also provides a poor customer engagement service.Also it features a serious lag in video capturing tools.


Coupled with the provision of  recurrent updates and developments meant to streamline, Twitch for now surely qualifies as the ultra best streaming facility available on the internet, providing the best value for money.Be its super diverse and dense audience or the experiential aspect of socialisation it provides through gaming, unless other streaming services level up to its posture, Twitch is surely here to stay at the top for long.

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