WarGames (1983) – Want to Play A Game?

I don’t understand how computers work in today’s world. I definitely don’t understand how they worked back 1983. But I hope this movie isn’t an accurate depiction. Because, WarGames (1983) is about a teenager accidently hacking into Government severs and almost starting World War III. I hope at no point it was possible to accidently hack nuclear missiles. Despite the movie’s questionable inciting incident, WarGames manages to have what makes ‘80s movies fun and gets some things right.

WarGames has what all ‘80s movies strived to have and what the goods ones did. When this movie wasn’t about trying to prevent a rouge computer system from launching nukes, it makes time to be about teen romance. I’m just glad that the movie starts with them already liking eachother. A lot of these movies start with the boy being in love with a girl who doesn’t notice him or something. This movie really saves time on that front. Which makes room for another classic ‘80s trope. Kid smart, adult dumb. Most ‘80s films still popular today can be boiled down to those four words. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a fun trope but it was everywhere, and is still used pretty often today. The adults in this movie are so dumb. But kid? The kid is smart. These dumb adults won’t listen when smart kid tells them that it’s a computer program tricking them into launching nukes. But luckily, in the end, smart kid shows dumb adults how dumb they truly are. A third thing that every ‘80s movie wanted but only few, including WarGames, got? Matthew Broderick’s charm. This movie stars a pre-Ferris Buller Broderick but he still has all that charm that made that movie a hit. He even looked like a convincing teenager in this movie, a feat that most films fail at.

Like I said above, I doubt how the computers work is completely accurate. But they did get somethings right. At the beginning of the movie, the Dad butters his corn on the cob by taking a piece of bread, putting butter on it, and then rubbing that on the cob. That is ingenious. Here I am, using a knife to butter my corn on the cob, like some kinds of schmuck, getting the cob buttered all unevenly. I look forward to testing out this technique in the future. Another thing this movie does is it accurately depicts how helpful a dog is in attracting girls. In times of non-social distancing? Super effective. It also accurately describes tic-tac-toe as a bullshit game that almost always ends in a tie and therefore is not worth ever playing.  That’s actually about it. At least that I saw. Maybe people smarter than me will say the computer science in the movie is pretty accurate. I don’t know.

Ultimately, this movie is enjoyable enough. I give it 6 dumb adults out of 10.

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