We Told You It Would Get Worse Than George Though, Jacob Blake Is Just Another Hashtag


The war is white privilege. The battles are playing out across the streets of America. When will white people be treated equally? When will their children be killed? Wait, at the next school shooting obviously.

There is blood on the streets and more will be shed until America actually unites against systemic racism. Perhaps if the officers in Louisville had been jailed, it would have sent a message to the cops who shot Jacob Black. A black man from Wisconsin fighting for his life. Are the police executioners of Black skinned Americans? Apparently.

Hundreds of protesters ignored the mobilization of the Wisconsin National Guard and an emergency curfew on Monday night to again protest at the Kenosha County Courthouse.

Blake was shot in the back multiple times Sunday by Kenosha Police Department officers responding to a domestic violence call, according to Ben Crump, the attorney representing Blake’s family. Police have released little information about what led to the shooting and haven’t said why officers approached Blake. By late Monday, a truck had been lit on fire, recreating a scene from Sunday’s protests that saw city trucks on fire. The danger appeared to build deeper into the night: Several structures, including a Wisconsin Department of Corrections building, were set on fire in Kenosha. A local furniture store was also completely engulfed in flames. 

Who is Jacob Blake?

Blake, 29, has three sons ages 8, 5 and 3, Crump said. Neighbors who live near the shooting scene described Blake as a friendly, fun-loving person who often was seen with his children.

“It’s just awful,” said Stella London, 82, who heard the gunfire Sunday night.

Blake often greeted her as he passed by her home, she said. Another neighbor said he helped them with car trouble a few weeks ago. 

“Jacob Blake is a loving father of six that deserves proper medical attention and legal representation,” Blake’s family wrote on a GoFundMe website that has raised more than $100,000,000 in donations.

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