No Worries, YouTube’s Algorithm is Still Wack

It’s been a long time since we’ve run into complaints about the YouTube algorithm! If you haven’t checked in for a while, though, have no fears; it’s just as messy as it was when you last looked. This time, the issue fell onto two major YouTubers: Markiplier and MoistCr1TiKaL.

In essence, one clip has been deemed “violent and graphic” that was used in both of the YouTuber’s videos at different points. Markiplier used it in one of his “Try Not To Laugh” challenges because, let’s be real, it’s pretty funny. Believe it or not, the clip itself still exists on YouTube. Just another indication that the rules are not applied fairly throughout the platform.

The video shows a Russian man getting into a road rage brawl with four people who are dressed in different cartoon outfits. One is dressed like SpongeBob, one is Mickey Mouse, one is that weird-looking squirrel from Ice Age, and the other is some sort of purple creature with hauntingly wide eyes. We’re used to seeing graphic content from dash-cams, but this one is actually pretty hilarious. Watch it for yourself and see what I mean.

Anyway, this clip has been up on YouTube for over 6 years without a problem. The problem started when Cr1tikal featured the clip in another video and YouTube deemed it “violent and shocking.” The entire video was taken down and Cr1tikal received a strike for it, YouTube’s equivalent of a slap across the wrist.

Cri1tikal took to Twitter and brought this problem to YouTube’s attention, pointing out that the clip is used in many different places on the site and that even the original is still standing. In his tweets, he mentioned that Markiplier, the famous gaming channel, used it as well.

Although some people got upset at this tweet and thought that Cr1tikaL was just trying to take Mark down with him (or, even worse, was snitching), Markiplier responded good-heartedly and recognized that there was a problem here.

Well, YouTube took Mark up on his taunt and gave him the strike he asked for.

The video featuring the clip was taken down, and Markiplier received the first strike of his YouTube career. Since this was his first strike, it thankfully didn’t restrain his ability to upload videos. He took advantage of this and posted a video explaining the issue to his followers:

Shortly after, Youtube replied to both Mark and Cr1tikal on Twitter, giving an apology and announcing that all the videos that have been taken down were back on the platform. Markiplier’s strike was also removed, so he’s back down to 0.

So, thankfully, the immediate problem has been solved, but it revealed a deeper issue with YouTube as a whole and the way it monitors content. It’s incredibly inconsistent, and might flag a clip in one video while also ignoring the 100 other instances where it’s seen on the sight. This means that bigger YouTubers are at a higher risk; more people see their content, so more people are available to report it. We also know that if 30 seconds of a video are deemed inappropriate, the entire video is taken down and a strike is instated without the creator’s involvement. As Markiplier stated in his video explaining the incident, it would be possible for him to just remove the offending clip while keeping the rest of the video online, and that he would have done so without a fight if he were asked. Instead, communications are kept at minimal, and no one really knows what’s happening behind the scenes of YouTube.

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