Reality TV recap: Friend or Faux?

Let’s be real, this is a safe space, 2020 has been hard on all of us. It seems like there is something horrible taking place every day. *knocks on wood* But really, this year most people have found peace by picking up a hobby, I’m no different. This year I’ve really gone back to my roots. What are my roots? TRASHY REALITY TV! 

If you’re like me, you grew up watching the Simple Life (that’s hot!), all the trashy dating shows (Tiffany Pollard is an icon), the Real World (why did they move it to Facebook?), and more! Early 2000’s reality tv really shaped my humor and a little bit of my personality. So now, it’s 2020 and I finally have the free time to invest in other people’s lives again. It’s exciting really. I’ll be honest though, reality tv just isn’t the same! But, I’m still going to watch and share my opinions because lighthearted entertainment is needed in a world like this.


Catfish is an older favorite of mine. I genuinely enjoy every episode. When a tv series can give you a line like “You should’ve never called me a fata*s Kelly Price”, it should be protected. 

This episode, we met Kirsten. I think we could all relate to her story, her online relationship started because she was bored in quarantine. Understandable! Kirsten had just gotten out of a relationship with her daughter’s father, Randy, and wanted to feel desired again. At the time of the episode, she was ‘seeing’ one of her exes’ friends, Ryan. When Randy found out (Camie and Nev spilled the beans), he gave us the quote of the episode, “SHE’S TALKING TO RYAN!?!” He was not too happy about that. Once again, understandable.

At the end of the episode, the catfish is revealed, and guess what? It’s another one of Randy’s friends! They could NOT have been that close, right? In my personal opinion, I don’t see someone doing that to their best friend?


Ghosted is a fairly new show but I enjoyed the last season! Ghosted makes you rethink your actions in a way that Catfish can’t. I’ve never catfished anyone so the show never bothered me. But with Ghosted I’m thinking, have I ghosted someone? What would I do if I got the call? Scary thought. But nevertheless, it’s good tv.

This episode we met Joanna. Joanna is a single mom that fell in love with a ride-sharing app driver, Aaron. Who knew you could find love in an Uber? After dating for almost a year Aaron ghosts Joanna. Throughout the episode, the viewer (and the hosts Rachel and Travis) are finding out new information Joanna omitted. The first bombshell is that Joanna claimed to be single on Facebook three months before Aaron ghosted her. From that point on, Rachel and Travis were skeptical. The second bombshell is that Joanna claimed to be single on Facebook because Aaron was flirting with her best friend Oneisha at a club. Joanna knew this but never mentioned it. When we finally hear from Aaron he blames Joanna. Typical. He says he ghosted her because her birth control was unused. He equated that to Joanna trying to trap him. Isn’t birth control unused until you take it? What if she just started a new pack? Very odd statement. While everyone’s trying to sort through the trapping allegation, Oneisha comes in with the true bombshell.

Oneisha slept with Aaron the night he flirted with her!

At this point, Joanna realizes they’re both trash and ghosts them both. 

If Catfish didn’t make me question friendships already, this episode definitely did.

I don’t know about you but I am now side-eyeing my friends. With friends like these, I’d rather be a loner.

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