Sephora just released the New Selena Gomez makeup brand- Rare Beauty

Selena Gomez announced she is launching her very own makeup brand named Rare Beauty. Rare beauty was released today. On you can see that Rare Beauty has foundations, concealer, cream lipsticks, blot and glow kit, lip balm, liquid blush, highlighter, liquid eyeliner, primer, brow pencil, setting mist, foundation brush and sponge, concealer brush, and blotting paper. Prices rage from $30-$5. Selena Gomez has made it known that her makeup brand Rare Beauty is all about finding your inner beauty.

She launched the Rare Impact Fund to provide mental health services in underserved communities. Selena herself has suffered with depression and wants to spread awareness on mental health. With Rare beauty having many shades of foundation and concealers for many different skin complexion, she has made it known her brand is inclusive. You an now find Rare Beauty on

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