WHY DID YOU COME AND HOW DID YOU GET HERE? The Astrology Behind the Generations

Let’s look at the story of your life, considering the tale you are telling yourself through the lens of astrological symbology. Aware of yourself as an energy being, you are in for quite a ride. To put into a graphic perspective, imagine all the waters of the earth are the Universe, and you are a droplet streaming to shore. Landing on dry ground, you are here. You are riding a wave that is narrowing as you are moving forward to your destination. We call your arrival birth.

But what about your journey to your birth?


Nadia Mierau, a New York-based astrologer, writer, and lecturer with a degree in Nuclear Physics who comes from Russia, is a lecturer and practicing astrologist explains astrology in scientific terms. Writing for Astrology News Service, she explains the signs as gravitational waves and describes Pluto as a big wave of a very low frequency. (Click the the link to her article). In the meanwhile, think of yourself as the wave surfacing into earthly existence.

Deciding to make your appearance in this world, you formed yourself into a wave arising up from the depths of the eternal sea of consciousness. As a most masterful surfer, you create the board on which you glide forward. In the astrology behind the generations, this board symbolizes Pluto. I’m looking at the wave that landed beginning in late 1983, with everyone in by late 1995. In other words, if you were born between November 1983 and December 1995, astrologically speaking, you are a member of the Pluto-Scorpio Generation. You started ascending to your prominence in 2018, where you are unveiling your mission. The mission of your generation is building momentum and will be in full force by the year 2045, when the transformation of the world is clear and obvious.

How are you transforming the world? You are using the energy of intimacy, research, the transformation itself, sensuality, sexuality, and oneness to fulfill your mission. These are your most powerful tools. What are you changing in the world? You are changing the only thing that can be changed, the consciousness of humanity. You are bringing to the surface of collective consciousness the truth that we are all one.

How are you carrying out your mission? You are creating new experiences for the authentic expression of intimacy by setting the stage for revolutionary change in all the societal institutions. As a natural investigator, you readily see the flawed premises used in building the institutions, whether of family, business, government, healthcare, finance, or education. No longer interested in just reacting to what they are doing, you are ready to take action, even if you start underground. By enhancing the role of science and evidence-based research, you clearly show proof of universal connectivity.

The current application of technology is a small illustration of how we are all connected, and technology is your playground. In a story Julie Beck wrote, published in the Atlantic Daily, she explains that the millennial and Gen X generations have taken astrology, “running with it.” Calling astrology “edgy,” Beck explains that it has “relevance for this time and place.” (Click the technology image above for a link to her full article.

Beck has done her research, and points out how “astrology expresses complex ideas about personality, life cycles, and relationship patterns through the shorthand of the planets and zodiac symbols.” She calls it a “shorthand” that works well online and considers astrology a cultural or psychological phenomenon. She quotes Bertram Malle, a social cognitive scientist at Brown University, with whom she corresponds by email.

Malle says, “full-fledged astrology that goes beyond” what we read in the newspapers, “provides a powerful vocabulary to capture not only personality and temperament but also life’s challenges and opportunities. Viewing yourself through the lens of the Pluto-Scorpio generation, with your passion for life, it is easy to see you readily toy with astrology. At the same time, some claim they are comforted and soothed, using the astrological information to soften the blows of the societal stressors all around the world. These events are the fodder of the inquiring minds of no-nonsense.

Because of your curiosity, you examine everything, defining it accurately, based on the knowledge you have about life. You readily call everyone and everything expressions of love because you innately know love is the one and only truth. You realize if something is not “love,” it does not exist. You are clear about it that which is not “love” is the illusion, and that which is “love” is real, and you understand how the energy of intimacy works. Being in touch with your feelings consistently, you forgive yourself for thinking the not-good-feeling thoughts that illustrate “not-love” and find a better feeling thought to consider. This approach is native to the Pluto-Scorpio consciousness. From this consciousness, you are always discovering new ways of thinking about something, especially in finding new ways to feel better.

Because of your high emotional intelligence, you govern your life with the energy of love. Translated as intimacy, this means you realize you are connecting with others through your relationships with them. You drive the experiences with closeness, appreciation, confidence, and tenderness as you are forming webs of relationships with every person, every place, and thing with your every thought. With your heightened sense of intimacy, you readily distinguish the pleasurable thoughts from those to which you react with fear and judgment.  You are an authentic being in every way, showing your preference for expressing the energy of acceptance, assurance, and cooperation with everyone and in every action, because you like the way it feels.

True to yourself, always, you would choose to “feel good” than be right. In other words, you don’t mind letting the person argue for their limitations if they insist. You are satisfied speaking plainly without having to prove yourself to anyone or for anything. And you do not require others to prove anything to you. Instead, you know to look within the contents of infinite intelligence for all the answers and all the solutions. Their arguments do not bother you because you know your mission of living the eternal presence of love that you are.

As you are living the presence of pure love, you make self-honesty your priority. You know when you are on track and when you are off track. And you correct, by returning to the good feeling thoughts that enable you to change your perspective about everything. You do so without condemning or judging yourself. You monitor and regulate your feelings about others by seeing their innate innocence. You realize they do not realize their mission is to live the eternal presence of love. You find it easy to accept them when you remember you are pure love appearing in form.

If you are wondering why I am not talking about your flaws and problems, let me be as precise as I can be. Any faults and difficulties you are carrying around with you are conditions, situations, circumstances, and events you called to you so you could manage and complete your mission. You know what these things are and how they make you feel about yourself. They are not with you for you to dwell on. Instead, these here to remind you to forgive yourself, recognize your innocence, and let love stream from you to that part of your consciousness where that thing was residing. Each time you forgive yourself, acknowledge your blamelessness and allow the love that you are to stream through consciousness. Celebrate your Pluto-Scorpio consciousness.

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