Its a Mad, Mad World

The time for reckoning seems to be on the doorstep of each one of us. Never have we seen such chaos, and ever changing landscapes as we have in 2020. People are fed up, done, and half the country is calling for answers and change. The other half is desperate to get “back to normal” and are chiding the other half, stating they wouldn’t be this way if they hadn’t been quarantined with nothing to do. Both sides though have one thing in common, they are angry.

This year we have seen UFO’s, Earthquakes, the highest amount of hurricanes in the shortest time, an asteroid that went by without notice, closest to the earth ever recorded, one that is supposed to come close the day before elections, a massive sand storm, oh yes, a novel virus that shut everything down.

We have seemingly reached the dystopian and anarchial society we read about in futuristic sci-fi novels. Dystopian is described as a society where there is great suffering and injustice. Those novels we think will never happen, they couldn’t, could they? Our leaders would not ever let that happen. We are and always have been rational human beings. We have been orderly, we know our social places. We know how the world works, so how can this be? Is this what we want?

Some say that the government that is set up declares the dystopia. Our government is democratic, therefore, we still have a say in elections, we have checks and balances, hence we should not have a descent into dystopia. this relies on these governmental programs working correctly and the people in that government being non corrupt. Places like Belarus, whom have a Dictator, are now seeing dystopian issues with beating and killing of their people for peaceful protesting. Their true elected leader is banished from the country, and she is encouraging assistance from other countries to assist them in their plight. However, Russia and Putin is on the side of the Dictator and this poses a very political issue. Many are saying that the country needs to take care of things themselves. Anger again, as the people cannot get their freedoms from oppression

There has been a significant shift in parent child relationship. Parents are now working out or in the home and teaching at home . There will be some interest in ramifications of being teacher and parent to children and the mental price it could toll on a relationship. Parent shoulders are quite taxed these days balancing all things. Mental health services have not increased at all, and there was a shortage to begin with. This is certainly something that needs some extra attention in the days to come. Anger still comes in to play as we cannot live as we had before.

So what do we do with all this information? Wait it out, hope it gets better, wait for normal? Unfortunate to say, there will never be a “normal” as we once knew. It will certainly be modified to fit a new normal. Some of this change is good, some needed to happen. Racial disparities in our country needed attention. Parents and children are spending quality time together. Perhaps people are more thankful for little things than they were. A little less anger , more understanding for how we can move around in this new normal.

So it may be a mad, mad world. But it is our world, we can turn the tide to where it will land. May we think before we speak, and act. . May we get relief from our anger about why this happened and change it to understanding to help others adapt. May we make good choices and look ahead to the future for our children’s best interests for they are all we have to carry on

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Budding Author, Doctorate in Nursing, parent, wife. I have seen, heard, and felt love , pain, sorrow, and acceptance. I find experiences cathartic and research very interesting. I love people and I love making them laugh and inspiring them to live the best they can every day. I thrive on kindness , I love giving .

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