Schools Need to Stop

Every week, it seems like people are trying their best to force schools to happen. Every time, it doesn’t work. Why? For many reasons, but let’s start with.. Maintaining a clean and safe environment is super costly which most schools cannot afford. Students are kids and cannot be trusted to maintain distance and wear masks especially when adults are not capable of doing so. Schools are not taking action fast enough regarding students who are already sick and delay is what causes all other students to get sick. While it is not the best form of learning, online learning is far safer in comparison. People want their kids to learn, and for some reason would risk death for it. It is not worth it.

“The health ministry said on Thursday it had registered more than 7,000 new coronavirus infections over 24 hours for the second time in two days” stated in an article by France 24, after 22 schools were shut down immediately.

When we live in a society where people are protesting masks and making no effort to keep themselves safe from COVID, we shouldn’t have to get our kids involved for the sake of education. It is as silly as parents avoiding vaccinations because it is a “government conspiracy” to believe you are getting better. All it does is boost your ego for the sake of safety for everyone else. Our kids can learn through ways that isn’t school.

“The University of Missouri’s Columbia campus has reported 683 confirmed student cases of COVID-19 since classes resumed. The school is punishing 330 students for violating COVID-19 safety rules, with penalties as stiff as suspension for the semester.” This was posted by AP News, where 7,000+ students were tested positive for COVID. How can we trust kids when even college students can’t take it seriously? It’s not that schools are a bad idea. If enough time is invested into the safety and maintenance of a school, it’s possible to learn without everyone getting infected. But we are humans. We make mistakes. Us people, especially kids, are not robots that can listen to every rule at all times. If us as monkeys cannot comprehend the simple concept of a disease then maybe we are not worth being humans. Rather, wild primates who are focused on nothing but themselves.

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