10 ways to re-ignite the passion in your relationship

In today’s world it’s very easy to get bored of relationships, where smart phones and social media are involved along with monotonous work schedules. Kids and house chores just add some fuel to your boredom. Couples takes it for granted and starts behaving like siblings, now this became such a popular scenario that every stand up night you will find plenty of jokes on this topic, yes husband and wife jokes are good to laugh at but it really hurts when it comes to reality. Loss of passion in a relationship means your relationship is on a life support; either you can fight it back or you can let it go.  Majority of us doesn’t like the statement “let it go” when it comes to our relationship isn’t that? So here are some tips to Re-Ignite the passion in your relationship

1.Never say later to the Romance

After few years of our relationship somehow romance takes the extreme back seat where responsibility takes its place, time has come to bring the romance at the front seat along with other priorities. Now here’s the trick occasionally more or less everybody does something special, start doing it without occasion, take your partner out suddenly in middle of the week, bring some flower along with groceries which your partner will not expect but doing the unexpected is fun. Take a keen interest in his or her liking which your partner will find very romantic. Have more of your private moments and prioritize it like your other important work

2. Keep a day only for we time

Couples need time with each other but as I mentioned before they don’t get it under various circumstances, according to a survey majority says kids’ responsibility occupies most of their time. So here what we can do is to hire a nanny for a day if your budget allows. Otherwise use your friends or relatives to keep your kids for at least few hours and if nothing works, take them to their favorite place where at least you will get some time to talk.

3. Take a trip

Once in a month try to take a small trip like a night stay, or take your partner for camping or trekking or whatever you guys enjoy together. Bringing a change in your monotonous hectic schedule is very much needed since it will heal the soul of your love life, and you will start looking at the same person in a different way.

4. Give words to your feelings

Like giving a name to every relationship is important, giving words to your feelings is even more important. Majority of masses are not vocal about their feelings as much as they are when it comes to their needs, which more or less leads to misunderstanding and disappointment from each-other as your partner is not gonna get a dream about how you are feeling instead if you put a little effort to make him or her know how you feel will help things sort out and two poor soul will be at peace.

5. Show You care

Instead of saying “big deal you cook for me every day”, so what you bring the bread to the table”, “anyone can do cleaning “ etc show you care and you really do that they are there to do all those particular job they do. A lil care for those things that we generally take it for granted can change the person’s perspective toward you

6. Say it’s ok

When your partner says “I can’t do this anymore” hold his/her hand and say it’s ok you are there to pull it through. When they say “I am feeling lazy” give a hug and say it’s ok be lazy and you gonna give a company in this lazy cozy day.

7. Spontaneous Romance!

It’s works like a magic, be it in a new or old relationship. When you grow old with your partner you stop the spontaneous chapter, so here’s the key start it again so that love birds inside you guys starts singing again

8. Play the role reversals

Exchange the role with your partner over the weekend, it will be a change for both and it will give you a good understanding of what actually that person go through.

9.The most Awaited Intimacy!!

People say after years of marriage or long term relationship loses the fun of intimacy, in this century access to the internet or age old tradition of reading can solve your problem ,learn some new moves  play passionate music lit some aromatic candle, make intimacy exciting and passionate, surprising your partner in bed can never go wrong. And remember each passionate night is gonna bring you brighter mornings in terms of your relationship.

10. Perfect date!!

And to conclude the chart here come a perfect date! Arrange a perfect date night for your partner every week, it doesn’t have to be expensive it should be exclusive , make a meal , arrange a perfect date movie , some dessert and music off course , then top it with a bottle of wine of your choice and your partner in your arms gonna give you bliss. But if you are capable enough to arrange exclusive and expensive one then who doesn’t like this combo!

Long term relationship is like a treasure, with passing time it’s value increases and it becomes priceless. What else can be a perfect time to understand this than this pandemic time. People are losing their life, job, business and wealth but only thing is growing in this lock down period is the love and bond with our loved one. Take care and stay safe

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