Astrology of the 2020 Election

Certain astrological events have long been associated with politicians and leaders. These connections can be traced back thousands of years, and can give us a glimpse into what trends take place during precarious times of power transitions. Eclipses are directly associated with the deaths of leaders. Emperors, kings and presidents have been rocked by them, and they have an uncanny ability to signal tragedy. But there are other kinds of astrological aspects which are well connected to those who sit in positions of control and dominion. The Great Conjunction is one such noted ancient influence, with an established track record as a harbinger of all things and people of clout and governance.

Allan Ramsay - King George III in coronation robes - Google Art Project
Ol’ bushel britches

The Great Conjunction is well known as a heavy hitter, and it hits hard throughout November and December of 2020. So, what is a Great Conjunction? Astronomically, it’s when the planets of Jupiter and Saturn line up in the same place in the sky and appear to be on top of one another. Jupiter and Saturn are slow movers, not letting anyone get them in a hurry. As such, the events they trigger are slow to come about and take time to develop. But, why is this important? Well for one, it only happens roughly once every twenty years. But in terms of astrological representation, when these two big dogs of the celestial realm get together for a cosmic party, they have a reputation of trashing the hotel room. Or crushing it. Jupiter is the archetype of that which amplifies. He amplifies everything, like a… well, like an amplifier. Like a magnifying glass. If he touches Mars, things get extra angry and belligerent. If he touches Venus, things get super sexy and elegant. But he’s about to team up with Saturn, the god of time, delays, stricture, structure, discipline, maturity, and punishment. Both Jupiter and Saturn are symbols of leaders themselves among the Roman pantheon and represent Zeus and Chronos respectively from Greek mythology. This is a classic father-son showdown. The father that eats his kids, and the son that cuts up his dad and chucks him into a fire pit (I think we’ve all been through those). When you put them together, some chickens come home to roost. So, you know, expect that.

Francisco de Goya, Saturno devorando a su hijo (1819-1823)
Thanks dad

This planetary shindig happens at the end of the Zodiacal sign of Capricorn and the beginning of Aquarius, and this is symbolic as well. Major astrological players tend to impart special lessons when they leave one sign and enter another. The sign that is being left is the sign of governmental structures and authority; it is the sign which Saturn rules, in fact. So the lessons that are intended to be taught are those surrounding governments and their people. It’s no coincidence that things have been rather heated for the last few months, initiated by yet another major conjunction- the Saturn and Pluto conjunction that occurred in January 2020. But that subject requires its own article. That these two come together after a period of twenty years is already significant, but doing so just as such a controversial election will be wrapping up is nothing short of awe inspiring, especially considering what these planets symbolize. It’s so obvious that it’s difficult to ignore the hand of providence. The last time this happened was the year 2000. Those of you old enough to remember it may recall that it was a rather tense year, with Y2K threatening to end the world. Just a short time later, more tragic events would reshape America forever as one of its most iconic cities was attacked. 2020 has certainly been a year of difficulty as well, and there is likely to be more of this oppressive energy going around, but with an added flavor of authoritarianism thanks to Saturn on Jupiterian steroids. However, I advise not putting all your money on how you think things will manifest. Few could have seen the pandemic coming, never mind the sweeping protests that have taken hold worldwide. So whatever it is that ends, changes, becomes delayed or matures, just try to brace yourself. The gods have a way of surprising us.

We’ll have entered Scorpio season before November 3rd, a classic time of purging. To boot, Mars will turn Retrograde on September 9th. Mars Retrograde is always hard for nearly everyone, save a few lucky people. We can’t seem to get our plans off the ground, machines go awry, and there’s a ton of pent up aggression with no release valve. It’s a time of review for how we get things done, is often a good time to take care of our health, and is usually best for a chill out session. But guess what happens on exactly November 3rd? Mmhmm, that’s right. Duck and cover. Mercury, which has also been Retrograde for the past three weeks, goes Direct. Mercury rules over communication and logic, which will have importance in terms of the mail system. He will begin moving forward again in the heavens exactly on the date of the election. Meaning Mercurial energy will suddenly burst forth after a period of spinning our collective wheels. We’ll have been holding our breath for the prior three weeks, and it will finally be time to push ahead. Yet, we all know that no matter what happens and who is elected, we’ve already been told to expect delays. And with Jupiter conjunct Saturn, we can expect an extra dose of it. Frustration will mount as things are snail-paced in allowing us catharsis. As Jupiter creeps closer to Saturn by degree, this kind of energy will build until its final moment on December 21st. Let’s hope the holidays are a celebration of putting much of this election debacle behind us.

Although, for whatever will peak near December 21st, we should better acquaint ourselves with how this most potent of astrological dance numbers has taken place in the past. Let’s take a look at the Great Conjunctions of yesteryear and attempt to glean what we might be dealing with:

2000-2001; George W. Bush is sworn in as president. The following year the Trade Towers in New York are attacked.

1980-1981; Ronald Reagan is sworn in as president. Iran-Iraq War kicks off.

1961-1962; John F. Kennedy is sworn in as president. Cuban Missile Crisis takes place.

1941-1942; Franklin D. Roosevelt serves his third term, the only president to do so. WWII is in full swing.

File:Ronald Reagan with cowboy hat 12-0071M edit.jpg
Captain Vance Britten

You getting the imagery here? It’s going to be heavy, in the literal sense. Gravity might just crank up a notch or two. Authority is Saturn’s middle name (Well, technically his first name. But you know what I mean), and he has every intention of putting us all under his thumb for a while. Power structures will exert their might in all their shapes and sizes. These are serious times, and they are meant to be because of forces beyond our control and understanding. The Great Conjunction always ushers in eras of tumult and testing. But we humans do best when we’re required to, and nature has never shown any shortage of unique forms of pressure to apply. We survive because this little ball of dirt can be a cut throat set of office politics and we happen to be well evolved to such an arena. So buckle in and grow a spine. You’re going to need it.

Update: 9/29/20

A small correction was made concerning the date of the election and which planet goes Direct. It was erroneously posted as Mars, when in fact it should have been Mercury. This is still significant as Mercury rules over communication. The rest of the information still applies.

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