An Ode to the Cheat Codes in Honor of “Between Our Hearts”

In honor of their latest single “Between Our Hearts” with CXLOE that came out Wednesday I thought I do a little ode to my favorite pop group the Cheat Codes. The Cheat Codes are pretty much the most underrated group as far as I’m concerned. I was surprised more people don’t know them, I know them from “Sober” so that’s about 2017. I don’t think there’s as much of an addicting group as the Cheat Codes and personally I think they could’ve done better on their latest track with CXLOE but maybe I’m just jealous of all the time that she actually gets to spend with them creating music. Lately, they teamed up to produce a song with Wiz Khalifa which I thought was pretty cool. “Heaven” one of their latest singles is pretty much one of the most musically powerful song that I’ve ever heard and “No Service in the Hills” with my other favorite blackbear is the biggest pick me up song that I’ve ever heard in my life. The Cheat Codes really do team up with some pretty good people, for example, Liam Payne from One Direction so they’re not without celebrity status but they sort of live in their own world of producing. They make a lot of remixes and they have a clear signature gamer sound that I recognize. Songs like “I Love It” I have on repeat for me for months. “Feels Great” I had to play for months, “Your Song” they paired up with Rita Ora and did a remix of her song. Rita Ora is mostly known for her latest song with Avicii which is one of the last songs put out by him before he overdosed.

The Cheat Codes are so stand out to me because after being the most satisfying music, they are the most entertaining group I’ve ever seen. They have great social media accounts and I like their music videos. They have a sound that I anyone could easily pick up if they listen to enough of their songs. They have this sort of confidence to them that I think I’ve just been feeding off of and thankfully so because I think it’s the best sort of confidence to have.

In conclusion, the Cheat Codes are a happy go lucky pop group that you should give a try and you should really give them an honest try and see if you like them as much as I do because if you do you’re probably my new best friend. So try them out for size and tell me what you think in the comments below.

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