On This Day in History, September 6

In 1870, Louisa Swain of Laramie, Wyoming, became the first woman to legally vote in an American election since 1807, when New Jersey revoked women’s suffrage. Having come to Laramie the year before with her husband to live near their son. She was 69 when she cast her vote, having decided that day to vote while in town and requested to cast her ballot by the officials present.

In 1930, the democratically elected President of Argentina, Hipólito Yrigoyen, was overthrown by a military coup. Led by General José Uriburu, the Nacionalistas, boosted by economic struggles brought about by the Great Depression and plans already in motion, used the military to overthrow the government, suspend the constitution, and implement a fascist-influenced military dictatorship.

In 1976, Soviet fighter pilot Viktor Belenko defected to the West in the midst of the Cold War, landing his fighter in Japan, and was granted asylum. While his MiG-25 fighter would remain in Japan for a time, he was allowed to come to the United States. Americans examined the fighter with permission from the Japanese government, including dismantling the fighter to learn more about its operations. Its parts would eventually be returned to the Soviet government.

A Notable Birth

1972 – Idris Elba is a British actor and DJ who got his start in both fields during his youth. Acting overshadowing being a DJ when he began getting roles in the 1990s, building up to roles in major productions like HBO’s The Wire and the Marvel Cinematic Universe, among others. He is turning 48 today.

A Notable Death

1966 – Hendrik Verwoerd (b. 1901) was a South African academic and politician, instrumental in the development and implementation of the apartheid state. He also played a role in separating South Africa from the British Crown, especially in the effort to ensure Afrikaner nationalism. He was assassinated by stabbing.

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