Goldeneye (1995) – A Goofy Spy Movie

This movie is pretty goofy. But, the good kind of goofy. The fun kind of goofy. Its not a gritty realistic James Bond like Daniel Craig’s, it’s a fun James Bond. Not to say the other ones are bad, but this one has a certain fun charm to it. It’s an outlandish and crazy spy film that makes for a fun movie experience. I mean, Bond drives a motorcycle off a cliff to then free dive down to a falling plane, get in it, and then fly the plane away from an exploding bad guy base. That’s goofy as hell. In the most incredible way. This movie doesn’t pretend to be some serious spy drama. So, it can get away with being an absolutely wild ride. I mean, there is a car chase scene where Bond chases a bad guy while driving a tank through city streets. Incredible! Love it! I love when action movies decide not to be too serious and do these wacky actions scenes that make no sense in reality just for the sake of having a fun action scene. Because the movie hasn’t pretended to be set in reality it can have Bond drive a tank while sticking his head out the top and no one cares! It’s great! It would never fit in the Craig Bond movies because the tone is so different. Craig Bond movies are the gritty realistic Bond movies. While Goldeneye (1995) gives its self a more outlandish and fun tone where James Bond can have a belt that doubles as a grabbling hook and it just makes sense in the world. Not every movie that doesn’t take itself seriously is good. But most of the time they are at least fun.

I will also say Pierce Bronson has the perfect charm to play James Bond. He does a great job. Now, is this movie better than some Craig or Connery Bond movies? Hard to say. Depends what you like in a Bond movie. But if you enjoy a good outlandish spy film. Goldeneye is on Netflix for your viewing pleasure.

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