World’s longest sea beach

Cox’s bazar is termed as the world’s longest unbroken sea beach. The sea beach has a length of incredible 132 km. It acquires it’s current name from Hiram Cox who happened to be a superintendent of Palonkee outpost in the British East India Company. He rehabilitated refugees in order to accomplish his mission to deal with the conflict between the the Arakan refugees and the local Rakhains but an unfortunate event pushed him towards an early death. In order to memorialize him , a market was named as Cox’s bazar ( Cox’s market) and that is how the city was named after officer Cox.

Cox’s bazar is mostly known as a tourist attraction in Bangladesh. There’s abundance of 3 star and 5 star hotels along with small hotels, resorts and inns. Most hotels are close to the Laboni beach since that’s where most tourists go to endeavor the beauty of the world’s longest beach. There’s seats along the beach which generally charge around 30 taka each. Mobile Ice cream vendors , coffee vendors , bottled water vendors, snail shell ornament vendors etc are generally widely available where the tourists are. There’s lined up shacks a little away from the beach where local vendors have established their small businesses by selling snail shells , shutki ( Dry fish ) , souvenirs , hats , sunglasses , fruits ect. Besides, there’s plenty of restaurants where you can have food at a reasonable price according to your budget. Apart from being a cheap and easy tourist spot , it’s extremely relaxing. When the beach is slightly unoccupied during the sunset and the sky is besmeared with the orange and indigo hues , the sound of the beach waves endue the ears , the sky reflects upon the sea almost giving an illusion of the world flipping upside down and the soft wind brushes upon the skin like it’s mischievously teasing you , it’s one of the best feelings in the world that effortlessly sweeps away all your tiredness and worries for awhile, a perfect escape from our monotonous world.

So, grab your ticket and visit this magical place to rejuvenate your lively desire to live every moment now. You won’t regret it. It can be with anyone , yourself , your significant other , your best friend , a group of friends or your family , this place won’t fail to strengthen your relationship with the person you come here with, along with the amazing choice of cheap and delicious sea food and most importantly the breathtaking beauty of the world’s longest unbroken sea beach.

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