My Best Friend’s Wedding (1997) – Julia Roberts: Agent Of Chaos

Julia Roberts, or her character in this movie if you want to get technical, only exists in the universe as an agent of chaos. She is a tool of the universe. Wherever there is calm. The universe sends Julia Robert(‘s character). The movie begins with chaos in the kitchen of a restaurant. Why? Because Julia Roberts is there. She is a food critic that strikes fear in the hearts of chefs. She is established as bringing chaos wherever she goes. Next, we learn of her relationship with Michael (Dermot Mulroney). The two briefly dated for a month back in college. Then Julia Roberts broke up with him and they remained best friends, while he was very clearly in love with her. This introduces more evidence to Julia Roberts being an agent of chaos. She dates this man, gets him infatuated with her, then dumps him and strings him along for years. Bringing nothing but chaos to this poor man’s life! Then, once he meets someone else, and is about to get married, Julia Roberts realizes that she is in love with him. She decides to stop the wedding! OK, there is a lot more evidence to my theory, but we will be here all day if I try to explain each in detail. Plus, this isn’t a college paper, I don’t have a page count to reach. So, to further show her work as an agent of chaos, I’m just going to list some events she causes/participates in throughout the movie, it’ll be pretty easy to see how they bolster my argument. She pressures Michael’s fiancé, Kimmy, to sing at a Karaoke Bar (because she can’t sing and wants to humiliate her), she tricks Kimmy into getting her Dad to offer Michael a job (knowing this will anger Michael), she forces her other friend, George, to drop everything and fly to Chicago to help her, she then makes George pretend to be her fiancé (which then leads to an entire restaurant singing “I Say A Little Prayer” which is an admittedly pretty charming scene but is still nothing short of chaotic), she then uses Kimmy’s father’s computer to forge an email to Michael’s boss to try and get him to fire Michael so that he can hire him, Michael then catches wind of this email and wants to call off the wedding the day before, after Michael and Kimmy decide to go through with the wedding Julia Roberts decides to confess her love to Michael and kiss him, Kimmy sees this and runs off, Michael chases after her and Julia Roberts chases after him (which involves stealing a bread truck and latter leaving it parked in the middle of the road). Julia Roberts ultimately apologizes to both Michael and Kimmy for everything she has done and Michael and Kimmy get married while Julia Roberts learns to move on…. But still… Agent of Chaos, right? I mean, for an hour and forty minutes, every single person Julia Roberts comes in contact with experiences nothing but chaos. This has nothing to do with the plot, but she also smokes a cigarette on a no smoking floor of a hotel and gets a bellhop to smoke with her. Do you need more evidence? She also ruins a book reading in a library by calling her friend in the middle of it. Agent. Of. Chaos. Now, am I saying that Julia Roberts is some metaphysical, transcendental embodiment of chaos? Who exists only to torment us mere mortals? Yeah. Yeah, I guess I am. I give My Best Friend’s Wedding (1997) 7 ruined wedding days out of 10.

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