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On September 30 indoor dining is about to start again in every restaurant in New York City. Although there are some restrictions people may now start to feel and think more like this pandemic is going to be over soon if we all are careful and obedient to the meters.

The restaurant owners now will operate their spaces at 25 percent of their capacity, will have frequent temperature checks, made right at the moment people go threw their doorstep, their employees will wear PPE, the tables in their restaurants will have a six feet distance from one to another and they will be open strictly till midnight.

This brings a lot of confusion and a lot of questions have risen to the owners since in a small time- frame they have to adjust to the new reality for operating their businesses. Sometimes the spaces aren’t so big inside or they used to work more like a bar-club environment having bar stools and serving cocktails and drinks. It is a challenge and we will have to see how the outcome will be placed to action.

The people will have to adjust to the new rules as well if they want to have dinner outside their home area. They will have to wear face masks while they wait to sit to their tables, inform the restaurant for contact tracing, and be tested for temperature before entering the place they will dine. Gov. Cuomo stated that if by November 1st the infection rate won’t have increased then the restaurants will have the possibility to expand and open to 50% of their capacity.

We are living in a strange era where face masks, social distancing, and temperature tests are being a close part of our reality so even the slight change of opening and being able to have indoor dining in New York City makes a difference for the people living there. Making them feel even more optimistic that soon things will start to feel more normal and less awkward in our everyday reality.

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