Life Coaching-50 Ways to Make Money

“You have to attend this leadership seminar! It’s the last session of five but you’ll love it. It will change your life! Before the meeting, prepare a list of fifty ways you could make money.”

Great. These days I felt as if I had enough homework between my financial work, spiritual wellness business and writng. I smiled at my friends enthusiasm and decided to join. After all, I find methods of life coaching to be fascinating. I could spare an hour. While many are quite useful, some can be predictable. The predictable ones are basically a ripoff of the same old pattern without the inspirational frills. This pattern can be summed up as follows: write down goals, plan actionable steps how to get there, reward yourself and did I forget… get an accountability buddy (for G*d’s sake)!

While many will find this quite resonable, it’s basic. At times, such coaching sends the wrong message and takes advantage of people’s hard-earned cash. Yes, you HAVE to write goals down and even speak them out loud. Yes, you have to have a plan for how to attain your goals and sub-goals. Yes, it’s great to share your plans not because you can’t trust yourself to follow through but to make your plans real, tangible and public. Besides the obvious, what else can we learn from these coach gurus popping up everywhere. The internet is infested with coching advice, much life mushroom fields after the rain. We can learn more from most TED talks or Tony Robbins videos. So why are some inclined to pay money for a coach who will tell them exactly the same (in many, many more words)? Could it be because they don’t trust themselves to succeed and want to rely on someone else’s blueprint? Or perhaps they don’t believe in themselves and want to hear from a cheerleader guru that they will succeed?

Don’t get me wrong, there are some marvelous life coaches out there. My personal favorite is Lifebook by Jon and Missy Butcher. It’s a very comprehensive and balanced approach to all components of life. Lifebook takes into account the spiritual, physical, financial, social, family health and more.

Whichever method we choose, we have to face an undeniable reality. When we want to achieve something we must create mindfully. We cannot simply regurgitate someone else’s blueprint and hope for success. We become truly profitable when we give people what they want and we can be proud of the way we did it. Whichever life coaching model you choose it has to allow for the sincere expression of your soul. Do your research, follow your intuition and act on it. What would you like to create with your life?

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