Life Coaching-50 Ways to Make Money

“You have to attend this leadership seminar! It’s the last session of five but you’ll love it. It will change your life! Before the meeting, prepare a list of fifty ways you could make money.” Great. These days I felt as if I had enough homework between my financial work, spiritual wellness business and writng….

Good Cause: why isn’t fear of COVID-19 a valid excuse to refuse work?

As of June 2020, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that 11.1% of American civilians were unemployed. This is the largest percentage of unemployed Americans since June of 2000. The cause, of course, is the unprecedented global pandemic known as COVID-19. Countless businesses were forced to close their doors in an attempt to slow…

Improving Your Outlook on Life After Job Loss

We’re all familiar with it. We hear about it all day, every day. The pandemic is an over-looming cloud that sits in the horizon like some dominant beast that just doesn’t want to go home and get dinner. It’s already had it, and it’s full and just wants to nap right where it is.