Throne of Glass by Sarah J. Maas

After reading Assassin’s Blade I had some reservations about the beginning of the series. The first few chapters seemed to be rushed with all of the main characters being introduced very early on. Seeing as this is Maas’ first book it does fall into how most ya books are written. As the story progressed it got better. Celaena is a strong female character that knows how to get the job done and doesn’t rely on any male to help her. Maas’ world building is more imaginable than in the novellas. The flow of the story was expanded a bit more and the interactions between the characters was interesting.

Celaena was better developed than in the novellas. Her quick wit and sarcastic attitude made her an appealing character. She didn’t take any crap from the male characters that kind of belittled her and her abilities as an assassin. There are flaws in her character that she tries to hide, but make her relatable. Dorian was another character that was easy going, but had a quick wit about him. The challenges between him and his father were felt through the pages. The only character that wasn’t as agreeable was Chaol. His whole persona was a bit off and wasn’t able to look past his own flaws. The way he treated Celaena was despicable and his only redeeming quality was his loyalty to Dorian.

During her time participating in becoming the king’s assassin Celaena befriends Nehemia, who is a visiting dignitary. This is the second female that she befriends and their interactions were enjoyable. They both have a mutual respect for each other and Nehemia is a good influence on Celaena. The only thing that was questionable was Nehemia constantly tried to put her values on Celaena.

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