Hollow Man

Where is she now?
Where has she been taken?
Maybe she will be in her house,
But her pictures hang everywhere.
Maybe she will be in the room,
But only her fragrance hangs everywhere.

Where is she?

Oh! My love, my sweetheart.
Where can I find you?
Maybe… oh! Maybe,
In my heart, you will be found.
But I’m so hollow in my heart.
I’m so empty in my heart.


What is her name?
That I may call her by it.
My mouth couldn’t speak her name,
My mind couldn’t recollect it!
I’m so void, am a hollow man.
Inside of me, her place is so empty.

Her pictures are gone from their places,
Her fragrance fades from the room.
Her substance is gone from my memory.
Or has she ever been at all?
Is she a phantom?
Will she ever been after all?

Poetry In Motion

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